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BURN PRIORITIES face and chest
MILIARIA prickly heat or a rash caused by excess body heat and moisture.
PYLORIC STENOSIS stenosis (narrowing) an obstruction at the lower end of the stomach caused by an overgrowth (hypertrophy) of the circular muscles of the pylorus or by spasms of the spinchter.
ERYTHEMA diffused reddened area on the skin
MACULE circular redenned area on the skin
PAPULE circular reddned area on the skin that is elevated
VESICLE circular redenned area on the skin that is elevated and contains fluid
PUSTULE circular redenned area on the skin that is elevated and contains pus
SCAB dried pustule that is covered with a crust
PATHOGNOMONIC term used to describe a lesion or symptom that is characteristic of a specific illness.
HYPOSPADIA congenital defect in w/c the urinary meatus is not at the end of the penis but on the LOWER shaft
HIRSCHSPRUNG'S DISEASE (AGABGLIONIC MEGACOLON) occurs when there is an absence of ganglionic innervation to the muscle of a segment of the bowel.
HIRSCHSPRUNG'S DISEASE (AGABGLIONIC MEGACOLON) s/s ribbonlike stools, abd distention, failure to pass meconium w/in 24 to 48 hrs
NEPHROTIC SYNDROME kidney condition distinguished by presence of marked amts of protein in the urine
NEPHROTIC SYNDROME s/s edema - periorbital, abd - distended, pale, irritable, listless and poor apettite
SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS cradle cap. Inflammation of the skin that involves the sebasceous glands chrac by thick, yellow, oily, adherent, crustlike scales on the scalp and the forehead.
SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS TX shampoo hair on consistent basis. Use baby oil to soften scab
OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS caused by organisms normally found in the environment that the immune suppressed individual cannot resist or fight
INCUBATION PERIOD time between the invasion by the pathogen and the onset of clinical symptoms.
PRODORMAL PERIOD refers to the initial stage of a disease: the interval between the earliest symptoms and the appearance of a typical rash or fever.
NATURAL IMMUNITY resistance is inborn. Babies under 12 wks gets their immunity from their mother.
ACQUIRED IMMUNITY not the result of inherited factors but is acquired as a result of having the disease or is artificially acquired by receiving vaccines or immune serums.
ACQUIRED IMMUNITY - ACTIVE when the person produces his or her own immunity
ACQUIRED IMMUNITY - PASSIVE antibodies obtained in immune serums like gamma globulin
VARICELLA (CHICKEN POX) its in the spinal column. Could reactivate as shingles brought by illness, stress. It is a type of herpes.
RUBELLA (GERMAN MEASLES) easier type of rubella
MEASLES longer period of rubella. Difference is that this rubella is longevity and photofobia.
INFANTILE ECZEMA correlation w asthma
WILMS TUMOR avoid abdominal palpation; could cause tumor to spread
ACNE caused by genetic factors and stress. Regular well-balanced diet is encouraged.
NEPHROTIC SYNDROME - TX STEROID therapy. Due to steroids masking signs of infection, the pt must be watched closely for more sybtle symptoms of illness.
PARAPHIMOSIS retraction of a tight foreskin. Should be avoided because foreskin cannot be returned to its normal position. There may be swelling and impaired circulation caused by constriction. Need immediate eval by physician
HEP A from contaminated food and water. Importance of handwashing
VOMITTING AND DIARRHEA may cause severe dehydration and fluid/electrolyte imbalance
DIFFERENT TYPES OF BURN 1st degree - red; 2nd degree- blister; 3rd degree = all
MUMPS caused by paramyxovirus. Glands become painful & swollen. Dangerous to adult male may cause STERILITY.
PINWORMS TX ANTHELMINTICS. MEBENDAZOLE (VERMOX) - single dose chewable tablet. Wash hands well, fingernails are kept short, soothing ointment on rectal area. Wear clean underwear. All members of family should be treated.
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