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Diseases of the Heart and Blood Vessels

shortness of breath dyspnea
quivering or spontaneous contraction of the individual cardiac cells fibrillation
loss of the normal beating rhythm of the heart arrhythmia
an increase in the size of the heart or a part of the heart due to an increase in the size of the muscle fibers cardiac hypertrophy
pathological condition in which the heart or a chamber of the heart increases in size due to a stretching of the muscle fibers in the walls of the chamber cardiac dilatation
the formation of an area of necrosis in a tissue caused by obstruction in the artery supplying the area infarction
chest pain associated with heart attacks angina
an inflammation of the endocardium of the heart, which may include the heart valves or the cardiac septum endocarditis
inflammation of the tissues that surround the heart pericarditis
inflammation of the heart muscle myocarditis
inflammation of the heart carditis
inflammation of the arteries arteritis
inflammation of the veins phlebitis
a disease of the heart muscle due to excessive alcohol consumption alcoholic cardiomyopathy
an enlargement of the infant cardiac septum hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
is primary cardiomyopathy idiopathic? yes
this disease causes damage to the mitral valve, leading to endocarditis and infection of multiple layers of the heart rheumatic fever
high blood pressure hypertension
condition where the foramen ovale fails to properly close at birth atrial septal defect
also known as ischemic heart disease, most common cause of death in developed countries coronary artery disease
hardening of the arteries arteriosclerosis
arteriosclerosis is most common in what artery? femoral
process in which deposits of fatty substances build up in the inner lining of an artery atherosclerosis
the abnormal enlargement or bulging of an artery caused by damage to or weakness in the blood vessel wall aneurysm
inflammatory disease of the aorta and its branching arteries, especially prevalent among young asian women Takayasu's arteritis
most common form of arterial inflammation, aka giant cell arteritis temporal arteritis
enlarged veins which are close the the skin's surface, found in the legs and feet varicose veins
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