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CNA - Quiz 8


A resident often carries a doll with her, treating it like her baby. One day she is wandering around crying that she can't find her baby. The nurse aide should: offer comfort to the resident and help her look for her baby
A nurse aide is asked to change a urniary drainage bag attached to an indwelling urniary catheter. The nurse aide has never done this before: The best response by the nurse aide is to: ask a nurse to watch the nurse aide change the bag since it is the first time
Before feeding a resident, which of the following is the BEST reason to wash the resident's hands? the resident may still touch his/her mouth or food
Which of the following is a job task performed by the nurse aide? participating in resident care planning conferences
Which of thhe following statments is true about range of motion (ROM) exercies? are often performed during ADLs such as bathing or dressing
While the nurse aide tries to dress a resident who is confused, the resident keeps trying to grab a hairbrush. The nurse aide should: give the resident the hairbrush to hold
A resident who is lying in bed suddenly becomes short of breath. After calling for help, the nurse aide's next action should be to: raise the head of the bed
A resident who has cancer is expected to die within the next couple of days. Nursing care for this resident should focus on: providing for the resident's comfort
While giving a bedbath, the nurse aide hears the alarm from a nearby door suddenly go off. The nurse aide should: make the resident being bathed safe and go check the door right away
Gloves should be worn for which of the following procedures? emptying a urinary drainage bag
When walking a resident, a gait or transfer belt is often: put around the resident's waist to provide a way to hold onto the resident
Which of the following statements is true about residents who are restrained? they are at greater risk for developing pressure sores
A resident has diabetes. Which of the folowing is a common sign of a low blood sugar? shakiness
When providing foot care to a resident it is important for the nurse aide to: check the feet for skin breakdown
When feeding a resident, frequent coughing can be a sign the resident is: having difficulty swallowing
When a person is admitted to the nursing home, the nurse aide should expect that the resident will: experience a sense of loss related to the life change
A resident gets dressed and comes out of his room wearing shoes that are from two different pairs. The nurse aide should: ask if the resdient realizes that the shoes do not match
A resident's wife recently died. The resident is now staying in his room all the time and eating very little. The BEST response by the nurse aide is to: understand the resident is grieving and give him chances to talk
When a resident refuses a bedbath, the nurse aide should: wait awhile and then ask the resident again
When a resident is combative and trying to hit the nurse aide, it is important for the nurse aide to: step back to protect self from harm while speaking in a calm manner
During lunch in the dining room, a resident begins yelling and throws a spoon at the nurse aide. The best response is to: remain calm and ask what is upsetting the resident
Which of the following questions asked to the resident is MOST likely to encourage conversation? what are your favorite foods?
When trying to communicate with a resident who speaks a different language than the nurse aide, the nurse aide should: use pictures and gestures
While walking down the hall, anurse aide looks into a resident's room and sees another nurse aide hitting a resident. The nurse aide is expected to: enter immediately to provide for the resdient's safety
Before touching a resident who is crying to offer comfort, the nurse aide should consider: the resident's cultural background
When a resident is expressing anger, the nurse aide should: listen closely to the resident's concerns
When giving a backrub, the nurse aide should: keep the resident covered as much as possible
A nurse aide finds a resident looking in the refrigerator at the nurse's station at 5am. The resident, who is confused, explains he needs breakfast before he leaves for work. The BEST response by the nurse aide is to: ask the resident about his job and if he is hungry
Whic of the following is true about caring for a resident who wears a hearing aid? remove the hearing aid before showering
Residents with Parkinson's disease often require assistance with walking because they: have a shuffling walk and tremors
A resident who is inactive is at risk of constipation. In addition to increased activity and exercise, which of the following actions helps to prevent constipation? adequate fluid intake
A resident who has an indwelling urinary catheter. While making rounds, the nurse aide notices that there is no urine in the drainage bag. The nurse aide should first: check for kinks in the tubing
A resident who is incontinent of urine has an increased risk of developing: pressure sores
When cleansing the genital area during perineal care, the nurse aide should: replace the foreskin when pushed back to cleanse an uncircumcised penis.
Which of the followintg is considered a normal age-related change? bladder holding less urine
A resident is on a bladder retraining program. The nurse aide can expect the resident to: have a schedule for toileting
A resident who has stress incontinence: may leak urine when laughing or coughing
The doctor has told the resident that his cancer is growing and that he is dying. When the resident tells the nurse aide that there is a mistake, the nurse aide should: understand that denial is a normal reaction
A slipknot is used when securing a restraint so that: the restraint can be removed quickly when needed
When using persoal protective equipment (PPE) the nurse aide correctly follows Standard Precautions when wearing: gloves to remove a resident's bedpan
To help prevent resident falls, the nurse aide should: leave the residents' beds at the lowest level when care is complete
As the nurse aide begins his/her assignment, which of the following should the nurse aide do first? assist a resident that has called for assistance to get off the toilet
Which of the following would affect a nurse aide's status on the state's nurse aide registry and also cause the nurse aide to be ineligible to work from home? having a finding for resident neglect
To help prevent the spread of germs between patients, nurse aides should: hold supplies and linens aways from their uniforms
When a sink has hand-control faucets, the nurse aide should use: a paper towel to turn off the water
When moving a resident up in bed who is able to move with assistance, the nurse aide should: bend the resident's knees and ask the resident to push with his/her feet
the resident's weight is obtained routinely as a way to check the resident's: nutrition and health
Which of the following is included in the Resident's Bill of Rights? to have staff available that speak different languages on each shift
Whic of the following, if observed as a sudden change in the resident, is considered a possible warning sign of a stroke? slurred speech
Considering the resident's activity, which of the following sets of vital signs should be reported to the charge nurse immediately? resting: 98.6-98-32
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