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OB Unit 1 (ch.3)

Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing

Any procedure or product that is used together with conventional medical treatment Complementary Therapy
used in place of conventional medicine Alternative Therapy
An approach that combines mainstream medical therapies with complementary therapies for which there is some high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness Integrative Medicine
The use of remedies that produce effects differing from-or in opposition to-those of the disease being treated Allopathic Medicine
uses like to cure like; minute dilutions of substances that, if ingested in larger amounts, would produce effects similar to the symptoms of the disorder being treated Homeopathy
Natural medicine; a healing system that combines safe and effective traditional means of preventing and treating human disease with the most current advances in modern medicine Naturopathy
Promotes health and well-being; underlying focus is prevention although diagnosis and treatment of disease also play an important role Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
The invisible flow of energy in the body that maintains health and energy and enables the body to carry out its physiologic functions Chi
A self-discipline that involves the use of breathing, meditation, self-massage, and movement Qigong
Application of heat from a small piece of burning herb, commonly called mugwort Moxibustion
A form of martial art, originally focused on physical fitness and self-defense but is currently used more as a health disciple; helpful in improving balance in older adults T' ai chi
The knowledge of how to live a vital, healthful life Ayurveda
What are the three doshas? vata, pitta, and kapha
A method used to help individuals learn to control their physiologic responses based on the concept that the mind controls the body Biofeedback
A state of great mental and physical relaxation during which a person is very open to suggestions Hypnosis
A complementary therapy; a person goes into a relaxed state and focuses on or "visualizes" soothing or positive scenes Visualization
A state of intense, focused concentration used to create compelling mental images Guided Imagery
The 3rd largest independedt health profession in the US that is based on concepts of manipulation Chiropractics
The use of light touch, generally no more than the weight of a nickel, to test for restirctions in the craniosacral system Craniosacral Therapy
Focuses on proper alignment of the head, neck, and trunk Alexander Technique
Based on the belief that health is improved by establishing new connections between the brain and body through movement reeducation Feldenkrais Method
Involves the manipulatoin of the soft tissues of the body to reduce stress and tension, increase circulation, diminish pain, and promote a sense of well-being Massage Therapy
A form of massage that involves the application of pressure to designated points or reflexes on the client's feet, hands, or ears using the thumb and fingers Reflexology
Therapy that makes use of hot or cold moisture in any form Hydrotherapy
Ice packs, hot water packs, towels or dressings soaked in hot or cold water and wrung out Compresses
Local, such as a foot bath or sitz bath, or full immersion bath Baths
Steam bath or sauna Sweat baths
Movement through a series of gentle stretches and postures called asanas coordinated with deep, rhythmic breathing techniques that promote oxygenation of all body tissues Hatha yoga
Any product, excluding tobacco, intended to supplement the diet Dietary Supplements
The use of certain essentail oils, derived from plants, whose odor or aroma is believed to have a therapeutic effect Aromatherapy
Designed to use colors to help restore the body to harmony Chromotherapy or Color Therapy
Uses pressure from the fingers and thumbs to stimulate pressure points Acupressure
The use of very fine (hairlike) stainless steel needles to stimulate specific points depending on the client's medical assessment and condition Acupuncture
A Tibetan-japanese technique; a form of hand-mediated therapy designed to promote healing, reduce stress, and encourage relaxation Reiki
Based on the belief that people are a system of energy with a self-healing potential Therapeutic Touch
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