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OB Unit 1 (ch.2)

Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing

Two or more persons who are joined together by bonds of sharing and emotional closeness and who identify themselves as being part of a family Family
A system of ideas, attitudes, and beliefs about the worth of an entity or concept that consciously or unconsciously bind together the members of the family in a common culture Family Values
The potential or actual ability to change the behavior of other family members Family Power
Homogeneous sets of behaviors that are normatively defined and expected of an occupant of a gieven social position Family Roles
Consists of a husband provider, a wife who stays home, and children Nuclear Family
Now considered the norm in modern society Dual-Career/Dual-Earner Family
Consists of a couple who shares household responsibilities, chores, and expenses with parents, siblings, or other relatives Extended Family
A specific form of an extended family in which two nuclear families of primary or unmarried kin love in close proximity to each other Extended kin network family
Headed by only one parent Single-parent families
A biologic parent with childrne, and a new spouse who may or may not have children Stepfamilies, remarried families, reconstituted families, or blended families
A postdivorced family in which the biologic children are members of two nuclear households, both that of the father and that of the mother Binuclear Family
Involves joint custody Coparenting
Situations in which both parents have equal responsibility and legal rights, regardless of where the children live, by law Joint Custody
A heterosexual couple who may or may not have children and live together outside of marriage Nonmarital heterosexual cohabitating family
Two or more people who share a same-sex orientation live together (with or without children), as well as families consisting of a gay or lesbian single parent rearing a child Gay and lesbian Families
The dynamics or changes that families experience over time Family Development
A collection of data regarding the family's current level of functioning, support systems, sociocultural information, environmental information, type of family, family structure, and needs Family Assessment
A comprehensive assessment of family functioning and other essential family data The Friedman Family Assessment Tool
The beliefs, values, attitudes, and practices that are accepted by a population, a community, or an individual Culture
Culture passed on from generation to generation Enculturation
A social identity that is associated with shared behaviors and patterns Ethnicity
The process by which people adapt to a new cultural norm acculturation
When a group completely changes their cultural identity to become part of the majority culture Assimilation
Spanish term for lay educators Promotoras
Spanish term for godparents Compadrazgos
Spanish term for manliness Machismo
The Mexican American belief that air, especially night air, may enter the body and cuase illness Mal aire
The Southeast Asian belief that the wind is a potentially negative force that can disturb the body's internal harmony when a person is in a vulnerable state, such as during and after childbirth or during surgery Vata
Behaviors or things that are avoided Taboos
Based on the concept of balance between light and dark, heat and cold Equilibrium model of health
Represents the female, passive principle-darkness, cold, and wetness Yin
The masculine, active principle-light, heat, and dryness Yang
The spanish term for a lay midwife, as a healer who gives advice and treats illnesses during pregnancy as well as being in attendance during labor and birth Partera
Indigenous healers that are important in the Mexican American culture Curandero or curandera
The conviction that the values and beliefs of one's own cultural group are the best ones or the only acceptable ones Ethnocentrism
The skills and knowledge necessary to appreciate, understand, and work with individuals from different cultures Cultural Competence
Darkened skin spots on the lower back and buttocks of some babies with dark skin Mongolian spots
The relationship between the individual and other persons and objects in the environment Space
An institutionalized system that shares a commom set of beliefs and practices, others define it more simply as a belief in a transcendent power Religion
A concern with the spirit or soul Spirituality
Doubtful about the existence of a transcendent being Agnostic
The belief that there is no higher power Athiest
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