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Science ch.12-vocab

test tomorrow

Bourdon Tube Thermometer sensing bulb outside the building
thermograph track temp.
Torricelli invented the mercurial barometer
aneroid barometer with no liquid
synoptic weather charts four principle weather maps produced daily
hygrometer used to change in hair length to measure humidity
sling psychrometer gives quick humidity measurements
stationary psychrometer uses a wick and water resevoir
wind vane shows wind direction
rain guage measure the amount of snowfall
doppler can determine wind speed
weather satilite photographs cloud movements
station model weather data in symbolic format
pilot balloons measure the direction and speed of winds in the upper atmosphere
millibar unit for reporting atmospheric pressure
knots measuring wind speed
isobars lines on a map connecting places with equal baromic pressure
isotherms lines on a map connecting places with equal baromic temp.
anemometer measure's the wind's speed
barometer displays current pressure
barograph pressure over an interval of time