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Latin Ecce II 53 P 1

Ecce Romani Vocabulary for Chapter 53 Part 1

ara, -ae, f. altar
dextra, -ae, f. right hand
exsequiae, -arum, f. pl. funeral rites
nuptiae, -arum, f. pl. wedding ceremony
taeda, -ae, f. torch
vitta, -ae, f. ribbon
concubinus, -i, m. bridegroom
exta, -orum, n. pl. the inner organs of sacrificial animals (heart, lungs, liver)
flammeum, -i, n. orange (bridal) veil
hortulus, -i, m. small garden
laurus, -i, f. bay (tree), laurel
maritus, -i, m. husband
modus, -i, m. way, method, rhythmic/harmonious manner
mundus, -i, m. articles used by a woman to beautify herself
myrtus, -i, f. myrtle
Oceanus, -i, m. Ocean
reticulum, -i, n. hairnet
sacra, -orum, n. pl. religious rites, sacrifice
Talassius, -i, m. Talassius (god of marriage)
auspex, auspicis, m. augur, officiating preist
deductio, deductionis, f. procession
fax, facis, f. wedding-torch
funus, funeris, n. funeral
haruspex, haruspicis, m. soothsayer, diviner
hilaritas, hilaritatis, f. good humor, merriment, fun
nux, nucis, f. nut
omen, ominis, n. omen
pulchritudo, pulchritudinis, f. beauty
viscera, viscerum, n. pl. vital organs
albus, -a, -um white
carus, -a, -um dear, beloved
castrus, -a, -um virtuous, chaste
clarus, -a, -um bright
eximius, -a, -um outstanding
hyacinthinus, -a, -um of hyacinth
siccus, -a, -um dry
varius, -a, -um different, various, varied, many-hued
Created by: asparcel