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mesa a high land area with aflat top and steep sides ,larger than a butte and smaller than a platea, common in the Sothwest
barrancas a deep ravine or gorge
corral an enclosure for cofining livestock
mesquite any of several small spiny trees or shrubs, native to hot,dry regions
lance a thruharp sting weapon with a long wooden shaft and a sharp metal head.
goading to prod or urge with or as if with a long pointed stick.
astride with one leg on each side
haughty blantly and disdainfully proud
jutted to extend out,up,or forward
raid a suprise attack by a small frce
hogan a Navajo Indian dwelling usually made of logs and mud with a door traditionally facing east
plunder to take the goods of by a force
uncropped not used for growing crops
ewe a female sheep, especially when full grown
leagues a unit of distance equal to 3.0 statue miles
slavers one, such as a person or ship, that is engaged in the trafficking of slaves
thong a thin strip of leather or other material, such as one used for lashing things together
hobble to walk or move along haltingly or w/ diffculty; limp
bony lean; scarwny
scarcely by a small margin; barley
clutching to grasp and/or hold tightly
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