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Homeric Greek verbs6

verbs and declentions

i believe in, i have faith in(+dat) πιστευω, πιστευσω, πιστευσα, πεπιστευκα, πεπιστευμαι, πιστευθην
i rejoice in χαιρω, χαιρησω, χαρην, κεχαρηκα, κεχαρημαι, χαρην
i expect, i hope, i suppose (+inf) ελπω/ελπομαι
i claim to be, i boast, i exalt; i pray to(+inf) εὑχομαι, ευξομαι, εὑξαμην, -, ηυγμαι
i fulfill, i accomplish, i complete τελεω, τελεω, τελεσα, τετελεηκα, τετελεσμαι, τελεσθην
i go βαινω, βησομαι, βην, βεβηκα, -, (εβαθην)ἔρρυην
i flow ῥεω
i stood (intrans) στην
i endure(something) patiently, i have the heart, i dare( to do something) (+inf) τλαω, τλησομαι, τλην, τετληκα
i leave λειπω, λειψω, λιπον, λελοιπα, λελειμμαι, λειφθην
i think, i suppose, i imagine οιω/οιομαι, οισομαι, οισαμην
i long, yearn(to do something)(+inf); i miss(someone/thing) ποθεω, ποθησω, ποθεσα
i throw, i strike βαλλω, βαλεω, βαλον, βεβληκα, βεβλημαι, βληθην
i seem, i am like to (3rd sg. impersonal) it is fitting μενω, μενεω, μεινα, μεμενηκα(εοικα)
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