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Crispin Vocab. 39- E

Nash - Crispin Vocab. Chap. 39- End

to warn someone to correct a fault; criticize admonish
the act of shaving a man’s head tonsured
so sad or unhappy that nothing will help bring comfort disconsolate
to like greatly; love in a foolish or shallow way infatuated
a person who makes a claim for something claimant
plead or beg with much feeling imploring
small left over pieces; torn pieces of cloth remnants
very eager for much of something; greedy voracious
scorn or dislike for someone or something considered beneath one’s station disdain
pierced through or stabbed with something pointed impaled
feeling anxious or fearful about what may happen; uneasy feeling apprehensive
acting in a sly or sneaky way; stealthy furtively
able to move, act, or think with complete freedom unfettered
a lighting up; decorative lighting or effects of clearing due to light illumination
something made known or revealed, especially something surprising revelation
to call forth or bid to come summoned
a sharp pointed knife for stabbing dagger
the act of starting or beginning again after an interruption resumption
shouts and cries of unruly crowd; tumultuous tumult
one's attendants or associates entourage
Created by: brendanash