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English II

Fahrenheit 451 part 1

What does the dandelion, that Clarisse is holding, represent? Love
Why is it ironic for people to be afraid of firemen? They used to love firemen.
What was Montag crying about? Of an idea of not crying if his wife died.
What does Clarisse love? Nature
What doesn't the society want the people to do, according to Clarisse's words about days in school? It wants people to stay distant from each other.
Why did the kindegarden age lowers? The school can brainwash younger kids, and keep home enviroment from undoing the school's teaching.
Why did the old lady burnt herself with the books? Thought that life would be meaningless without books.
From the quote, "Any man, insane.....fool the government and us", what does it tell about the government? The government is watching your every move.
Why did the Mechanical Hound growl at Montag? Because of the change of amino acid in him
What does he discovered in the empty bottle he kicked? It is filled with sleeping pills.
What happened right after Mildred and Montag started reading? Someone is listening on the front door
How many books does Montag hid in the ventillator? 20 books
How long does Montag worked as a fireman? 10 years
How does Clarisse believe that Montag is different from others? Montag is the only one who listens to what Clarisse is saying, while others threatens or walk off from her.
What did he hide under his armpit from the old lady's house? A book
What does the government ban? Books
Why did the government ban the books, based on Captain Beatty's quote on books? They present different ideas, which can confuse a person.
What happens when a fireman keeps a book? He'll keep the book for 24 hours. After that, a fireman must burn it; if not, the other firemen will burn the house for him.
Created by: U0105006
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