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clinical neuro 3

mental disorder affecting language, perception, and problem solving abilities cognitive disorder
drugs that induce amnesia midazolam, flunitrazepam, rohypnol
treatment for amnesia treat the causative condition
acute, transient fluctuating disturbances in attention & consciousness level delirium
drugs that induce delirium alcohol, anti-emetics, anti-histamines, anti-cholinergic, psychoactive drugs, opioids
withdrawl syndomes that include delirium alcohol, barbiturates, opioids
conditions that may induce delirium encephalitis, meningitis, thiamin/B12 deficiency
treatment for delirium treat causative condition, maintain well lit, stable, quiet environment w/visual cues for pt orientation; drugs
drug that decreases agitation & improve psychosis in delirium haloperidol
atypicals used to tx delirium riperidone, olanzapine
BZ used to tx delirium lorazepam
reason BZs aren't very effective against delirium may exacerbate confusion, etc
chronic global (usually irreversible) deterioration of cognition dementia
mitochondrial dysfunction may be reason for excessive tau protein phosphorylation & accumulation of AB
activation of microglia causes release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and further progression of AD
types of drugs that treat AD cholinesterase inhibitors, NSAIDs, statins, NMDA antagonist
donepezil ACHesterase inhib
rivastigmine ACHesterase inhib
galantamine ACHesterase inhib
tacrine ACHesterase inhib
memantine NMDA antagonist
Ab treatment for AD anti-amyloid
focal deterioration of cognitive function often related to CV disease vascular dementia
treatment for vascular dementia control BP, drugs to treat sx
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