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JPos MB Lab Final

JPos MB Final

What are the 5 asexual fungi spores? Arthrospores, blastospores, chlamydiospores, condiospores, sporangiospores.
What are the 3 sexual fungi spores? Ascospores, basidiospores, zygospore.
What stain is used for fungi? Lactopheno Cotton Blue Stain
How do yeast reproduce? They asexually bud with blastospores.
Sac fungi are what? Sexual reproduction with ascospores.
What are hyphae? A thread-like filament.
What are the 2 kinds of hyphae? Septate (crosswalls), and aseptate (no crosswalls).
How do we identity Candida albicans? It forms a cotton white colony, wine odor, termial chlamydospores, and germ tubes.
What are the 3 types of Chlamydiospores? Termainal, intercalary, and sessile.
Black Bread Mold is caused by what? Rhizopus
What media are fungi grown on? Sabouraud's Dextrose Agar
What are microcondia? Little hairs on the structure.
What are macroconidia? Spores inside a sessile sac, off to the side.
What is a conidiophore? The trunk of the structure.
What is the vesicle? The body of the structure.
What is a phialide? The "fingers" of the structure.
What is a conidia? Attached spores, no more then 6.
What does Penicillin look like? A "fork".
What does Aspergillus look like? Medusa's head.
What are sporangiospores? Rhizopus is an example. It's a spore at the end of a hyphae.
What media do we use for throat swabs? Blood agar.
What organism is isolated from the throat? Strept.
What grows on Blood agar? Strept. and all bacteria.
What grows on Endo agar? Gram negative rods (lactose is present).
What grows on Mannitol Salt agar? Staph. cocci (like Staph. aureaus).
What grows on Sabouraud's agar? Fungus.
What grows on TSI and what does it stand for? Gram negative rods, and Triple Sugar Iron (lactose, sucrose, glucose)
What grows in Urea? Bacteria (Proteus).
What is Citrate used for? Entrobacter, idole testing, (E.coli), Covex is used to create the red ring.
Endo agar has what sugar and what color changes? Lactose, pink to purple.
TSI agar has what sugars, what color changes, and what other results? Lactose, sucrose, glucose. Pink to yellow. Gas detection and blackening.
What color changes happen in Urea? Yellow to pink.
What test confirms Proteus? Urea test broth, yellow to pink.
What test confirms Strept.? Alpha (green zones), Beta (clear zones), and Gamma (no zones).
What is a pseudopod? A cytoplasmic extension of the membrane.
What are 2 ameobas? Entamoeba histolyica (GI), and Entamoeba Gingivalis (mouth).
What is a trophozoite? The adult stage of an amoeba.
What is a cyst and what are 2? The cyst is the dormant stage of an amoeba, and Entamoeba Gingivalis and Giardia lamblia are 2.
What is a scolex? The head of the tapeworm.
What is a strobilia? The entire tapeworm.
What is a bursa? The ends of a hookworm, male's have a fish fin that curls.
What are proglottids? Segments of the tapeworm.
What are gravid proglottids? Egg filled segments in a tapeworm.
What is an axostyle? Two rods that run through the parasite, give shape and rigidity.
What is an operculum? The lid on the eggs of flukes.
What are 3 flukes? Fasiola hepatica (liver), Fasciolopsis buski (GI), Pargaonimus westermani (lung).
What is the atrial? The mouth.
What are the 3 tapeworms? T.saginata (beef, 4 suckers), T.solium (pork, rostellum, 4 suckers, 2 rows of hooks), D.latum (fish, bothria).
Created by: 51001500