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study guide 43

lower GI

IBS and dumping sydrome are d/t what? motility disturbances
bowel resection/bypass, radiation mucousal damage, lactase deficiency, & food/drugs containing sorbitol are caused by what? decreased fluid absorption
stool posistive for parasites, and antibiotic-induced c-diff is caused by what? increased fluid secretion
`the nurse realizes the pt w/acute infectious diahrrea needs more teaching when he says... I can use OTC Immodium & something else
in instituting a bowel training program for a pt w/fecal incontinence, the nurse plans to... assisst the pt to the restroom at the time of normal defacation
the food w/the most fiber is... dried beans
preferred tx for acute constipation is? tapwater or hypertonic enema
A pt is admitted to the ER w/pain. A nursing intervention which should be implemented 1st is... v/s
for which causes of acute abdomen is surgery indicated? foreign body perforation, ruptured abdominal aneurysm, ruptured ectopic prego, acute ischemic bowel
A nursing intervention for a pt in pain d/t not passing flatus is... ambulate them
A 22 year old calls & complains of n/v & pain in right lower abdomen. The nurse advises... to go see a HCP right away
when caring for a pt w/IBS, it is important for the nurse to do what... form a trusting relationship
The pt w/chronic constipation: holding the urge at work does what? ignoring the urge causes the mucousa and rectal area to become insensitive to the presence of feces & drying of the stool occurs. The urge is decreased & it becomes more difficult to expel
The pt w/chronic constipation: A hx of diverticulosis does what? seen w/low fiber intake, small stool mass & hard
The pt w/chronic constipation: ther belief that one must defecate QD effects it how? causes daily laxative use & chronic dilation & loss of tone in the colon
The pt w/chronic constipation: hx of hemmorhoids and HTN Hemmoroids are the most common complication of constipation caused by straining to pass the hardened stool. THE STRAINING MAY CAUSE PROBLEMS IN PTS W/HTN
The pt w/chronic constipation: high dietary fiber w/low fluid intake effects it how? predisposes the person to obstruction
A good nursing intervention for a pt who returns to the surgical room w/an IV, NG & jackson pratt? check the amt and character of gastric drainage & patency of NG tube
A pt w/a gunshot wound to the abdomen complains of pain after seversl hrs of repair surgery. What should the nurse do? take v/s
the major complication w/appendicitis is what? perforation w/peritonitis
the site of pain localized in appendicitis is known as? Mcburney's point
seen in ulcerative colitis confined to large intestine, can be cured w/surgical colectomy, rectal bleeding, risk of colon CA
seen in crohn's dz involves entire thickness of bowel wall, has segmented distribution, fromation of fistulas
seen in both ulcerative colitis & crohn's dz diarrhea, periods of remission & exacerbation, extraintestinal complications, bowel perforation, unkown cause, abdominal pain
w/ulcerative colitis, bloody diarrhea causes what? decreased hb and hct
w/ulcerative colitis, cellular mucousal breakdown causes hypoalbuminemia
w/ulcerative colitis, diarrhea & vomitting causes decreased Na, K, Mg, Cl, and bicarbonate
toxic megacolon w/ulcerative colitis causes elevbated WBC
extraintestinal s/s seen in both crohn's dz & ulcerative colitis erythma nodosum & arthritis
In IBD, what methods are used to control inflammation? corticosteroids and 6-mercapttpurine
in IBD, what methods are used to promote bowel rest? parenteral nutrition, IV fluids, nasgastric sx, and NPO are for what purpose?
What methods are used to prevent secondary infx w/IBD? sulfasalazine
In IBD, what methods are used to correct malnutrition? cobalamin injections, iron injections
In IBD, what is done to alleviate stress? sedatives
In IBD, what is done to relieve symptoms? antidiarrheals
1st phase total colectomy w/ileoanal anastosmosis and formation of ileal reservoire, the nurse expects to find... an unopened loop ileostomy
A pt w/ ulcerative colitis has a total colectomy w/a fromation of a terminal ileum stoma. An important nursing intervention is... measure ileostomy output to determine pts determine status of pts fluid output
A pt w/IBD has the nursing dx of imbalanced nutrition < body requirements. Data supporting this includes... pallor & hair loss
bands of scar tissue constrict the intestine adhesions
closed loop twisting of bowel on itself volvulus
emboli of arterial supply to bowel vascular obstruction
protrusion of bowel in weak or abnormal opening hernia
bowel folding on itself intussusception
nervous paralysis of bowel adynamic obstruction
following anal surgery, the nurse promotes what? sitz baths for comfort & cleaning
sacrococcygeal hairy tract pilonidal sinus
collection of perianal pus anorectal absess
ulcer in anal wall anal fissure
engorged rectal vein around anal sphincter hemmorhoid
tunnel leading from anus or rectum anorectal fistula
short bowel syndrome is most likely to occur in a pt with... an ectensive resection of the ileum
A pt w/celiac dz needs more teaching when he says... I don't need to restrict gluten intake...
the most common form of malabsorption is tx with... avoidance of milk & milk products
A nursing intervention for a male following inguinal herniorrhaphy is elevating the scrotum with scrotal support
obstruced intestinal flow & blood supply is what kind of hernia? strangulated
what kind of hernia follows a spermatic cord or round ligament? inguinal
weakness at the site of previous incision is what kind of hernia? ventral
what kind of hernia cannot be placed back into the abdominal cavity? Incarcerated
protrusion into femoral canal is what kind of hernia? femoral
what type of hernia can be placed back into the abdominal cavity? reducible
the fluid and lyte balances which occur w/small bowel obstruction are a result of... movement of fluid & lytes from the bowel into the peritoneal cavity
rapid projectile vomitting occurs with... upper small bowel obstruction
abdominal distention is most apparent w/obstruction of the ___________ bowel large
fecal vomitting occurs with _________ bowel obstruction lower
metabolic ________ is most likely to occur w/low small bowel obstruction acid
sudden, severe, constant abdominal pain is indicative of __________________ bowel obstruction strangulated
abdominal pain which is crampy, colicky, coming/going in waves is characteristic of ___________ obstruction mechanical
NG and nasointestinal tubes are used to decompress __________ b9owel obstructions small
important nursing care for a pt w/an NG tube is... mouth care Q2-3 hours
whether polyps are cancerous... should be removed & depends on type (if malignant)
in pts over 50, rt side CA screening should be done every year by... fecal testing for occult blood
for colorectal CA, the nurse specifically asks about... dietary intake
8 hours post colostomy formation, the nurse expects the stoma to be... brick red, puffy, oozes blood
ileostomy drainage looks like... liquid to semi-liquid, extremely irritating to skin, less odiferous than colostomy
descending colostomy drainage looks like... formed, keast irritating, may be able to regulate w/irrigation
transverse loop colostomy drainage looks like... semi-formed, irregular, irritating to skin, foul odor
when teaching a pt about colostomy irrigation, the nurse explains... to allow 30-45 minutes for the solution and feces to be expelled
the nurse teaches the pt w/diveticulosis to... maintain a high fiber diet & use bulk laxatives to increase fecal volume
during an acute attack of diverticulitis, the pt is monitored for what... signs of peritonitis
the appropriate tx for the pt w/diarrhea d/t rotavirus is... increased fluid intake
during assessment of a pt w/acute abdominal pain, the nurse should check... temperature (infx)
the nurse should increase the comfort of a pt w/appendicitis by... flexing their knees
the difference between crohns and U.C.? surgery cures U.C., but recurs w/cron's
obstruction of large bowel manifestation? largely distended abdomnen- duh
A pt is to undergo chemo/radiation for colorectal CA- nurse teaching includes that... they can both be palliative
nurse explains to the pt undergoing an ostomy surgery that the one w/the most normal fx of the bowel is... sigmoid colostomy
differece in s/s of diverticulitis vs diverticulosis? diverticulosis has no s/s
nursing intervention to reduce edema and pain following inguinal herniorrhaphy is... apply scrotal support w/ice bag
the nurse determines teaching to a pt w/celiac dz a success when she choses... scrambled eggs & sausage
pt teaching post hemorrhoidectomy? pain meds before bowel movement
describe an abdominal-perineal resection abdominal insicion is made, the PROXIMAL SIGMOID COLON is brought throught the abdominal wall & formed into a colostomy. The pt is repositioned, a perineal incision is made and the DISTAL sigmoid colon, rectum, & anus are removed through the incision
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