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clinical neuro 3

blocks uncoating of virus amantadine
reason for acyclovir/gancyclovir's highly selective toxicity they act on viral kinases, so only target infected cells
viruses treated w/acyclovir HSV, EBV, VZV
viruses treated w/valacyclovir recurrent HSV-2 or VZV infections
famciclovir is used for acute herpes zoster and recurrent HSV-2
ganciclovir treats CMV
DOC for temporal lobe encephalitis acyclovir
may cause nephrotoxicity cidofovir
MOA of cidofovir inhibits DNA polymerase; more effective against viral than host cells
doesn't require phosphorylation foscarnet
viruses treated w/foscarnet HSV, VZV, CMV, EBV, HHV-6, HBV, HIV
zanamivir age limit must be >7 yr
oseltamivir age limit must be >1 yr
amantadine age limit must be >1yr
rimantadine age limit adults only
MOA of nueraminidase inhibitors inhibit cleavage of sialic acid, which prevents the release of newly formed viruses
MOA of palivizumab monoclonal Ab that binds to Fusion (F) protein, preventing infection of host cell
virus treated by palivizumab RSV
dosing for palivizumab monthly
mechanism of administration for ribavirin inhaled
pts on ribavirin should avoid contact with pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant
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