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OB final exam


Dyspareunia painful intercourse
Menorrhagia excessive or profuse menstrual flow.
Hypermenorrhea an abnormally long menstrual flow.
Hypomenorrhea short menstrual flow. Regular uterine bleeding in decreased amounts.
Oligomenorrhea Bleeding, often irregular, occuring at intervals greater than 40 days.
Polymenorrhea Bleeding, either regular or irregular, occurring at intervals of less than 22 days.
Metrorrhagia Bleeding occuring at irregular intervals
menometrorrhagia Bleeding in excessive amount and duration at regular or irregular intervals
Dysmenorrhea -Painful menstruation -Often ends after first pregnancy
What does estrogen do? Stimulates uterine growth, increases blood flow to uterine vessels, stimulates breasts for lactation, increases skin pigmentation (mask of pregnancy), increase salivation, vascular change in the skin and mucous membrane of the nose and mouth.
What does estrogen do? Breast development, widening of hips, deposits of fat in buttocks and mons pubis, influences growth of body hair.
What part does estrogen play in the menstrual cycle? assist in maturation of ovarian follicles and cause endometrial mucosa to proliferate following menstruation. Inhibits FSH production and stimulates LH production. amount is greatest during proliferation phase of cycle.
What does Progesteron do? Maintains uterine lining for implantation, reduces uterine contractions to prevent spontaneous abortion, prepares gland of the breast for lactation, Stimulates testes to produce testosterone which helps male fetus to develop reproductive tract.
what secretes progesteron? Corpus luteum
When are high levels of Progesteron found? During the secretory phase of the menstural cycle.
What is another name for progesteron? Hormone of pregnancy
What hormone is responsible for the rise in temperature during ovulation? Progesterone
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