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ATI Peds

The infant's posterior fontanel closes at... 2-3 months
Anterior fontanel closes by... 18 months
Infant can get to sitting position alone and can pull up to standing position at... 9 months
What is problem at 10 months? a child cannot go from sitting to standing alone
object permanence the infant realizes that an object still exists even when it is no longer in view (occurs between 6-12 months)
Play interaction for infants solitary play with blocks
At what stage should the child be switched to 3-4 glasses of cow's milk? Toddler
The infant grows _______ per month the first 6 months. 2.5 cm (1 in)
The infant grows _______ per month between 6 months and a year. 1.25 cm (0.5 in)
The infant can hold head up at... 3 months
The infant can roll over at... 5-6 months
The infant can stand at (both holding on and steady)... 12 months
The infant can transfer an object from one hand to the other at... 6 months
The infant can rake finger food with hand at... 6 months
The infant uses thumb-finger to grasp items at... 9 months
The infant bangs two toys together at... 9 months
The infant can nest one object inside another at... 12 months
Separation anxiety develops... the latter half of the first year
Discipline for toddlers should be... consistent
Vaccines for 12-15 months: Hib
Vaccines for 12-23 months: Hep A given in two doses
Vaccines for 15-18 months: DTaP
Developmental skills that are typically acquire by the preschool age: Alternating feet on stairs; going up and down steps easily; hopping; walking heel-to-toe; dressing without help; drawing copies of shapes on paper; drawing a more detailed stick figure; playing on playground equipment
Play activities for 9-12 month old infants are... large blocks
Play activities for 6-9 month old infants are... teething toys and social interaction
Play activities for 3-6 month old infants are... noise-making objects and soft toys
Play activities for birth-3 month old infants are... visual and auditory stimuli
Play activities for 1-3 year old children are... cloth books
Age-related interventions for adolescents in the hospital: Include the adolescent in the planning of care
Care considerations for terminally ill school-age children: Use language that is clear and allow participation
Ranges for suctioning pressure in children & infants 60-100 mm Hg
Ranges for suctioning pressure in premature infants 40-60 mm Hg
Suctioning should take no longer than... 5 seconds
As a result of asthma medication what THREE things occur:
Asthma medication: Albuterol (Proventil Ventolin) is...
Asthma medication: Salmeterol (Severent) is... Inhaled
Asthma medication: Terbutaline (Brethine) is... Oral
Glucocorticoids do
Asthma medications: Prednisone (Deltasone) which is an oral medication is used for... Short-term - 3-10 days following acute asthma attack
Asthma medications: Beclomethason dipropionate (QVAR) budesonide (Pulmicort Turbuhaler)
Asthma medications: Leukotriene antagonists: montelukast (Singulair
Asthma medications: Mast cell stabilizers: cromolyn sodium (Intal)
Asthma medications: Monoclonal antibodies: omalizumab (Xolair)
When the child is prescribed an inhaled beta2-agonist and an inhaled glucocorticoid advice the child to...
PERF (Peak Expiratory Flow Meter): 80-100% Green Zone The child is asymptomatic
PERF (Peak Expiratory Flow Meter): 50-79% Yellow Zone CAUTION - The child may be experiencing worsening of symptoms or an acute attack. - Increased maintenance therapy is needed. - Carefully monitor the child. - Contact the doctors if PEFR does not improve.
PERF (Peak Expiratory Flow Meter): Less than 50% Red Zone ALERT - Administer a short-acting bronchodilator. - Contact doctor if PEFR does not immediately improve
Postoperative positioning for a child who has had a tonsillectomy: Position the child on his side to facilitate drainage and elevate the head of the child's bed when he is fully awake.
Nutrition info for a child who has had a tonsillectomy: Encourage clear liquids and fluids after a return of the gag reflex
Comfort measures for a child who has had a tonsillectomy: Provide an ice collar and analgesics. Keep the child's throat moist. Administer pain medication for the first 24 hours
Common Respiratory Illness: position upright position
Common Respiratory Illness: important nutrition info: maintain hydration
For a child with cystic fibrosis administer... what and when?
Cystic fibrosis child: nutritional info: high-caloric
Cystic fibrosis child: during hospitalization: Perform CPT 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after meals if possible.
Can children with cystic fibrosis have an annual flu shot? YES! it is encouraged
After a cardiac procedure the nurse should assess what?
After a cardiac procedure the nurse should watch out for what?
After a cardiac procedure the nurse should do what with the affected extremity?
If there is an acute hemorrhage from the entry site of a cardiac procedure what should the nurse do?
If a child vomits after administration of digoxin the nurse should...?
Regarding digoxin administration you should call the doctor when...?
Iron Deficiency Anemia: info about Iron administration use Z-track into deep muscle for parenteral injections. Do not massage after injections. Stools may be tarry. Administration may cause constipation.
What is a complication caused by acute chest syndrome from sickle cell anemia? CONGESTED COUGH
Side effects of the influenza vaccine: Guilain-Barre syndrome (ascending paralysis
Assessment findings for infectious mononucleosis (Mono): splenomegaly
Skin involved from superficial burns: Epidermis is red
Skin involved from partial thickness burns: Epidermis and dermis are damaged with blisters formed. If blisters rupture
Skin involved from full thickness (3rd degree) burns: May have partial thickness areas around the full thickness areas. Damage extends into the subQ tissue. Nerve endings
Skin involved from full thickness (4th degree) burns: Damage extends to the muscle
Emergency action for a child with burns: maintain airway (ABCs)
Management for Tinea corporis (ringworm): Apply topical medication 1 inch past the edge of the lesion and continue treatment 1-2 weeks after resolution of the lesions (10days!)
Management for Pediculosis (Lice): Use a comb designed to remove nits.
Interventions for diaper dermatitis Use CORNSTARCH to reduce friction between diaper and skin
Medication for dermatitis: important info about Tretinoin (Retin-A) Use sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) to avoid sunburn!!
Infectious Gastroenteritis is diagnoses with... a stool sample.
Assessment findings for Hypertropic pyloric stenosis: Weight loss
Procedure for Hypertropic pyloric stenosis: Surgical incision into pyloric sphincter - PYLOROTOMY
Procedure for Intussusception: Attempt to resolve the Intussusception by inflating bowel with air or administering a barium enema; if not successful
Postoperative care for a child with cleft palate includes: elbow restraints for 4-6 weeks
Which insulin can be given IV? regular insulin
What is a sign of diabetic ketoacidosis? dehydration
Rapid nursing assessment of diabetic ketoacidosis and preparation for emergency treatment includes: continuous cardiac monitoring
Intravenous pyelograms (IVP) is a test used for complicated UTIs what should the nurse assess?
Intravenous pyelograms (IVP) requires... bowel preparation
Diagnostic procedures for Glomerulonephritis includes: Creatinine clearance - decreased: 50 mL/min; normal range is 89-137 mL/min. Antistreptolysin-O (ASO) titer - positive. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) - elevated
After lumbar puncture remove needle and...
After lumbar puncture the child should remain in bed for...
After lumbar puncture the nurse should...
It is important to use NON-LATEX gloves with a child who has... spina bifida
Signs and symptoms for an infant with spina bifida: high-pitched cry
Signs and symptoms for a child with spina bifida: headache
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