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Tox - Plants

Toxic Parts

Diffenbachia Dumbcane. All, leaves less
Melilotus Yellow Sweet Clover. Not toxic on own - requires conversion to coumarin in plant, fungi convert to dicoumarol
Brassica Rape, Kale, Mustard. ?
Allium Onions & Garlic. ?
Ricinis Castor Bean. All - especially seeds
Phoradendron Mistletoe. ?
Rhododendron All - especially forage
Euphorbia Poinsettia. All
Lilium ?
Red root pigweed Amaranthus. ?
Tansy ragwort Senecio. ?
Nightshade Datura. ?
Japanese Yew Taxus. All except aril (red fruit)
Yellow Star Thistle Centaurea. Fresh & dried are toxic
Water Hemlock Cicuta. Roots, young leaves
Snakeroot Eupatorium. Toxic when dried
Jimson Weed Datura. All, seeds most
Rhubarb Rheum. Leaves contain highest levels
Walnut Juglans. Shavings
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids Senecio, Crotalaria, Cynoglossum. All - highest in flowers
Fesue Festuca. Leaves & Seeds - ergot alkaloid produced by fungus
Veratrum All - especially roots
Lupinus ?
Created by: mpeitz