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CNA Quiz 4


Debucitus ulcers may develop in clients who are incontinent, paralyzed, and poorly nourished
A walker may be used if the client can support some weight
A cane should be used on the unaffected (strong) side of the body
Passive ROM means the resident: the nursing assistant does the exercises
When helping a client use a walker, it is important to tell him to: move the walker, place the walker firmly, and step
The purpose of correctly positioning the client is to: prevent skin breakdown, maintain function of joints and muscles, and increase comfort
Which of the following statement about dressing ECF residents is always true? Residents are concerned about how they look
The preferred way to remove a bedpan from a client who is unable to lift her buttock is to: turn the client to the side while holding the bedpan
At the begining of your shift, you give a client a water pitcher containing 270 cc (9 oz.) of water. At the end of your shift, you note that 35 cc of water is left in the pitcher. How much water has been consumed? 235 cc
When a client complains that his dentures are hurting, the appropriate action is to: report the complaint to the charge nurse
A water pitcher has tipped over and you notice water on the floor. The BEST action is to: wipe it up immediately
Upon entering a room, you notice that the patient is not breathing. Your FIRST action should be to: call for help
When making an occupied bed, it is important to: make half of the bed at one time, have one side rail up and one down, and make a toe pleat in the top covers
Decubitus ulcers can be prevented by: changing the client's position frequently and placing an eggcrate mattress on top of the mattress
The first step in getting a client up to walk is to: check the activity order
The patient TPR is 98.8-80-30. The finding that should be reported at once is: respiration
Which of the following can cause an inaccurate oral temperature reading? drinking hot or cold liquids within 10 minutes of the reading, failure to shake down a mercury thermometer, and vigorous exercise prior to measureing temperature
Systolic blood pressure is determined by: listening for the first clear sound
The order "weigh client q.o.d." means to weigh the client every: other day
The FIRST step in performing any procedure is to: wash your hands
Which of the following procedures best destroys all bacteria? sterilyzing
In the event of a fire in a client's room, your FIRST action should be to: get the client to a safe place
When you perform CPR, the client should be lying: flat on a hard surface
A procedure manual is: a written set of instructions on how to perform procedures
If a client cannot speak English, the nurse aide should: ask the charge nurse to arrange for an interpreter
The accepted way to identify a client is to: check the identification card
Which of the following best describes nail care? clean from front to back
When performing perineal care on a male, always: retract the foreskin if uncircumcised
The reasons for rubbing a client's back include: improving circulation, increasing one-on-one interaction time, and relaxing the client
The client's elbows are dry and red. You should: report this to the charge nurse
A decubitus ulcer is caused by: poor circulation, pressure on the skin, and poor nutrition
You would shampoo a client's hair to improve: circulation to the scalp, the client's general appearance, and the client's feeling of well-being
When removing a soiled gown from a client who has an IV, the BEST action is to: remove the opposite arm from the gown first
If your client does not eat all the food on his tray, the FIRST thing you should do is: ask the client why
The clients states that a mistake has been made: There is salt on her tray, although the doctor has ordered a low-salt diet. The nurse aide should: check the diet order with the charge nurse
The MAIN safety factor in transferring a client is to: secure adequate assistance
Before transferring a client from the bed to a wheelchair, the nurse aide should sit him or her on the edge of the bed for a few minutes to: prevent osthostatic hypotension
The client's religion forbids eating meat. Beef stew is being served for lunch. The nurse aide should: ask the nurse to call the kitchen
It is important to remember that dying patients: have the same needs for care as other patients
Dying patients and their families: may go back and forth among the five stages
A sign of dementia in elderly clients is: not knowing who and where they are
Clients with Alzheimer's disease may show which of the following signs/symptoms? physical and mental wasting away and frequent pacing or wandering
When a client turns on the call light every few minutes, the appropriate response is to: stop by the room more often
Many older adults suffer loss of: income, physical strength, and loved ones
How a client reacts to illness and disability is MOST dependent on his or her: age and stage of life, spouse's support, and income and level of education
An 85 year old client tells you that his mothe is coming to visit. Your BEST response would be: "Are you wishing you could see your mother"
A client hits you during lunch. The appropriate response is to: call the charge nurse for help
The nurse aide must report abuse of a client by: the family, the staff, and another client
If the client is in traction, the nurse aide ahould never: change the position of weights
Security for a client's dentures include: placing them in a labeled denture cup
If family members bring new clothes in for an ECF resident, the nurse aide should: lable them with the resdient's name
The charge nurse instructs you to clean an ECF resident's closet. You should: enlist the help of the resident
Before dressing an ECF resident, the nurse aide should: close the door and pull the curtain
Confidentiality refers to: the patient's right to privacy and only sharing information with those involved in the client's care
As a nurse aide, it is your responsibility to: do the tasks the supervisor assigns to you
Maintaining good interpersonal relationships depends on: communicating clearly with othes
If you do now know how to do an assigned task, you should: call the charge nurse and ask for help
Reporting exactly what you see is an example of an: objective
The purpose of using restraints is to: protect the client and others from injury
Failure to raise the side rails on the bed of a confused client is an act of: negligence
During a job interview, it is important to tell the interviewer about your: qualifications
When you are unable to work due to illness, you should: call the facility as early as possible
The primary reason for laundering a nursing uniform after each day's wearing is to: prevent the spread of germs
The client asks to see a priest. The nurse aide should: ask the charge nurse to call a priest
When caring for a client who has just been placed on NPO, the nurse aide should first: remove the water pitcher and all items of food and drink
A client states that his wallet is lost. The FIRST aciton of the nurse aide would be to: notify the charge nurse
Which statemtn about mouth care for unconscious residents is correct? unconscious residents may be able to hear you speaking to them
A client is hearing impaired. The client has the right to: written notes, a professional interpreter, and assistance with hearing aids
A coworker states that she will need help in lifting a heavy client. The nurse aide should: offer to ge a Hoyer lift and locate additional coworkers
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