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Paramedic Prep - 4

Paramedic Prep - Trauma

What is the priority order of scene safety? 1)self 2)team 3)victim
What is on our side? -rapid assessment -rapid intervention -rapid packaging -rapid trans
Scene survey includes: -gen. scene eval -MOI -# of pts -type of incident -environmental clues
Primary survey includes: -airway & c-spine -breathing (vent) -circulation (hemorrage control) -disability (mini-neuro exam) -three E's (killer survey)
The 3 E's (killer survery): 1)expose (strip & flip) 2)examine (everything & pay attention to it) 3)environment (exposure to bee stings, etc?)
When do we get lung sounds? early! during B in ABCDE
What are we assessing with pulse? -location -rate -rythm -quality
What are we assessing with circulation? -early control of severe external bleeding -pulse - cap refil -skins
What are we assessing with disability? -AVPU -Pupils
Causes of altered LOC: AEIOUTIPS
When assessing 3 E's (killer survey), recognize subtle s/s of apparent injuries to: -head -neck -chest(back) -abd
SD Co. trauma criteria: + chest, + abd, + LOC, or + sig. MOI
What 5 qs to ask trauma pt? 1)where do your hurt 2)any pain in head, neck, back, chest or abd 3)any pain on deep inspiration 4)any trouble breathing 5)did you lose consciousness
SD Co. trauma assessment: BRIMCARB
When & where is your secondary survery conducted? while trans, in the back of the rig
How many liters of blood do we have in ou body? 6
What are the 6 P's for examining the extremities? -pain -pulselessness -pallor -paresthesis -paresis -paralysis
What are the 4 qs to ask in SD Co? 1)person 2)place 3)time 4)event
Created by: Wisniewski