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Micro 34 drugs

Micro drugs

Penicillin Inhibit cell wall synthesis, B-lactams, Bactericidal.
Cephalosporins Inhibit cell wall synthesis, B-lactams, Bactericidal.
Vancomycin Inhibit cell wall synthesis, stops cross linking, Bactericidal.
Bacitracin Inhibit cell wall synthesis, interferes with transfer of PTG, Bactericidal.
Isoniazid Antimycobacterial
Ethambutol Antimycobacterial
Aminoglycosides Inhibit protein synthesis, irreversibly binds to 30s ribosomes, bactericidal.
Tetracyclines Inhibit protein synthesis, reversibly binds the 30s ribosomal unit, bacterostatic.
Macrolides Inhibit protein synthesis.
Lincosamides Inhibit protein synthesis, clindamycin.
Steptoyramins Inhibits protein synthesis, synercid
Chloramphenicol Inhibit protein synthesis, Bacteriostatic
Rifamycins Inhibits transcription, Bactericidal.
Quinolones Inhibits nucleic acid synthesis, Bactericidal.
Sulfonamides Metabolic inhibitors, bacteriostatic.
Trimethoprim Metabolic inhibitor, Bacteriostatic.
Polymixin Lyses membrane, Bacteriocidal.
Polyenes Disrupts membrane, binding to ergosterol.
Azoles Inhibits the fungal cytochrome P-450-dependent enzyme ianosterol 14 demethylase.
Allyamines Inhibit squalene epoxidace, oral or topic.
Echinocandins Inhibit the synthesis of B-glucans
Flucytosine Inhibits nucleic acid synthesis in fungi.
Griseofulvin Inhibits of mitosis, fungal growth
Neutralizing antibodies Attachment inhibitor, injected.
Receptor antagonists Attachment inhibitor, completely block interactions.
Hydrophobic amines Fusion inhibitor, not very useful.
Acyclovir Shuts down polmerase, herpes, viral nucleic acid synthesis inhibitor.
Azidothymidine First anti-hiv drug, Viral nucleic acid synthesis inhibitor.
Non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitors Shuts down polymerase but not nucleoside, binds to DNA polymerase.
Protease inhibitor Enzyme inhibitors, protease, HIV
Integrase inhibitors Enzyme inhibitor, intergrase, HIV
Neuraminidase inhibitors Inhibits enzyme, influenza.
Reverse-Transcriptase inhibitors Enzyme inhibitor.
Created by: Shelby.Wessling