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Skin Disorders & dis

Skin Disorders & Diseases (COS)

A cancerous tumor (abnormal mass of cells that have uncontrollable growth and tend to spread to other areas) Malignant
Non cancerous tumor (abnormal mass of cells that generally stop their own growth and do not spread to other areas) Benign
cancer cells originating from epithelial cells carcinomas
cancer cells originating in melanocytes, most serious type of skin cancer malignant melanoma
hair follicle filled with keratin and sebum comedo
chronic disorder of the sebaceous glands, combination of papule and comedo acne vulgaris
a benign keratin filled cyst, just under epidermis w/ no visible opening milia
dry, scaly skin, due to lack of sebum, caused by old age and cold exposure asteatosis
chronic condition on cheeks and nose, characterized by flushing, telangiectasia (dilation of surface blood vessels), papules, and pustules rosacea
sebaceous cyst or fatty tumor on scalp, neck or back steatoma
perspiration deficiency (lack of perspiration) anhidrosis
Foul-smelling perspiration, most commonly armpits and feet bromhidrosis
excessive sweating (hyper sweating) hyperhidrosis
prickly heat, small red vesicles & burning/itching Miliaria Rubra
inflammation of the skin caused by various agents dermatitis
acute, or chronic, non-contagious inflammation Skin is generally dry, itchy, and scaly eczema
viral infection of mucous membrane causing painful blisters herpes
chronic (long term) inflammatory disease characterized by dry red patches with silvery scales develop on the skin on the elbows, knees, shins, scalp, and lower back psoriasis
absence of melanin albinism
Increased pigmentation of the skin in some spots (liver spots) chloasma
freckles lentigines
a hereditary condition of the thyroid which appears as milky white spots of the skin vitiligo
acquired, thickened patch of epidermis (callus or corn) keratoma
small, brownish spot on skin. Can be small-to-large, light-to-dark, flat-to-raised. Often have hair. mole
small brown-to-flesh colored outgrowth skin-tag
abnormal growth of papillae and epidermis (wart) verruca
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