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Ichthyology Final

Final 50 fish

Sphyrnidae Sphyrna corona, bonnethead
Engraulidae Anchoa hepsetus, striped anchovy
Engraulidae Anchoa mitchilli, bay anchovy
Clupeidae Brevoortia patronus, gulf menhaden
Clupeidae Dorosoma cepedianum, gizzard shad
Ariidae Ariopsis felis, hardhead catfish
Ariidae Bagre marinus, gafftopsail catfish
Synodontidae Synodus foetens, inshore lizardfish
Phycidae Urophycis floridana, southern hake
Batrachoididae Opsanus tau, oyster toadfish
Batrachoididae Porichthys plectrodon, atlantic midshipman
Antennariidae Histrio histrio, sargassumfish
Mugilidae Mugil cephalus, striped mullet
Mugilidae Mugil curema, white mullet
Atherinopsidae Membras martinica, rough silverside
Belonidae Platybelone argalus, needlefish
Fundulidae Adinia xenica, diamond killifish
Fundulidae Fundulus grandis, gulf killifish
Fundulidae Fundulus similis, longnose killifish
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon variegatus, sheepshead minnow
Poeciliidae Gambusia affinis, mosquitofish
Poeciliidae Poecilia latipinna, sailfin molly
Holocentridae Holocentrus adscensionis, squirrel fish
Syngnathidae Syngnathus louisianae, chain pipefish
Triglidae Prionotus tribulus, bighead sea robin
Serranidae Gonioplectrus hispanus, spanish flag
Centrarchidae Lepomis macrochirus, bluegill
Centrarchidae Lepomis megalotis, longear sunfish
Centrarchidae Micropterus salmoides, largemouth bass
Carangidae Chloroscombrus chrysurus, atlantic bumper
Lutjanidae Lutjanus campechanus, red snapper
Lutjanidae Lutjanus synagris, lane snapper
Sparidae Lagodon rhomboides, pinfish
Sciaenidae Bairdiella chrysoura, silver perch
Sciaenidae Cynoscion arenarius, sand seatrout
Sciaenidae Cynoscion nebulosus, spotted seatrout
Sciaenidae Leiostomus xanthurus, spot
Sciaenidae Menticirrhus americanus, southern kingcroaker
Sciaenidae Micropogonias undulatus, atlantic croaker
Sciaenidae Pegonias cromis, black drum
Sciaenidae Sciaenops ocellatus, red drum
Cichlidae Oreochromis aureus, blue tilapia
Gobiidae Gobiosoma bosc, naked goby
Trichiuridae Trichiurus lepterus, atlantic cutlassfish
Created by: wombie22