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Cambridge latin 9

Cambridge Latin course: unit one, stage 9: Thermae

agnoscit:agnovit recognizes
celebrat:celebravit celebrates
celeriter quickly
civis:civem citizen
cupit:cipuvit wants
dat:dedit gives
dies day
diem natalem birthday
emittit:emisit throws; sends out
exercet:exercuit exercises
fert:tulit brings; carries
homo: hominem person; man
hospes: hospitem guest
ille that
inspicit:inspexit looks at; inspects; examines
iterum again
manet: mansit remains; stays
medius middle
mox soon
notus well-known; famous
offert:obtulit offers
ostendit:ostendit shows
paulisper for a short time
post after
revenit:revenit comes back; returns
suus his
tradit:tradidit hands over
Created by: cjapple33