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Southmoore2-Unit 3 Verbs B

evado evadere evasi evasurus go out, climb, escape
nascor nasci x natus be born
occurro occurrere occurri occursurus meet, occur
pendo pendere pependi pensus hang, weigh, pay
x x coepi coeptus began
praesto praestare praestiti praestitus stand before, excel
proicio proicere proieci proiectus throw , thrust
restituo restituere restitui restitutus restore
exspiro exspirare exspiravi exspiratus breathe out, die
infero inferre intuli illatus bring
consido considere consedi consessurus sit down
admitto admittere admisi admissus let in,admit
despero desperare desperavi desperatus despair
exstruo exstruere exstruxi exstructus construct
neglego neglegere neglexi neglectus neglect
effero efferre extuli elatus carry out
loco locare locavi locatus place
simulo simulare simulavi simulatus pretend
tego tegere texi tectus cover
posco poscere poposci x demand, call for
aggredior aggredi x aggressus attack
deleo delere delevi deletus destroy
fundo fundere fudi fusus pour, shed
vereor vereri veritus x fear
deficio deficere defeci defectus fail
deicio deicere deieci deiectus throw down, dislodge
Created by: southmoore