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water quiz michael


what is water pollution the addition of any substance that has a negative effect on water or living things that depend on water
what is fertilizer chemicals generally used on farms to promote growth of crops. they also encourage excessive growth of plants and algae in and near bodies of water
salinity amount of dissolved salts in the water
salinity of the ocean 34-37 percent
industrial wastes chemicals, smoke, and heated water from factories and mines
acid rain rain that has a lower than normal PH
what are pesticides chemicals intended to kill insects and other organisms that damage crops these chemicals can also kill organisms living in nearby bodies of water
What are the differences between ponds and lakes Ponds are more shallow and sunlight reaches the bottom
What is lake turnover Lake turnover is the seasonal change that causes water in a lake to mix and nutrients to be refreshed throughout the lake.
Eutrophication The process that occurs when nutrients build-up in a lake.
What is oxygen A gas required by all animals that dissolves in water.
Temperature At the surface, the temperature of teh ocean is controlled by the weather. The temperature of ocean water drops rapidely in the transition zone. The deep zone is always cold.
Pressure Pressure increases stedily as the deeper the water gets
Salinity The total amount of dissolved salts in the water. In the ocean, the salinity is between 34, and 37 parts per thousand.
Light Needed for the growth of plants an d algea. This penetraits the surface of the ocean, but none can reach below -200 meters.
We see a new moon when... the Earth is in line between hte sun and the Earth.
We see a full moon when... teh Earth is in line between the sun and the moon.
We see a half moon when... the sun earth and moon are at a 90 degree angle.
There is a Spring tide when... there is a new or a full moon
There is a neap tide when... there is a half moon.
Created by: stacimtst