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Science Biomes Cards

Science Biomes Notecards

Tundra Precipitation <25cm/yr
Tundra Temperature Averages -12C
Tundra Other Permafrost below surface; Winter for 6-9 months
Desert Precipitation <25cm/yr
Desert Temperature Averages 20-25 degrees C. In some Deserts, the daily temperate ranges from 45 degrees C to -18 degrees C.
Desert Other Some Deserts receive no rain for years.
Grassland Precipitation 25-75cm/yr
Grassland Temperature Temperature ranges from over 38 degrees C (Summer) to as low as -54 degrees C (Winter).
Grassland Other Long Dry Season prevents forest growth.
Taiga Forest Precipitation 35-100cm/yr, mostly as snow
Taiga Forest Temperature Temperature ranges from over 21 degrees C (Summer) to as low as -54 degrees C (Winter).
Taiga Forest Other Between Latitudes 50N and 60N.
Temperate Deciduous Forest Precipitation 75-150cm/yr
Temperate Deciduous Forest Temperature Ranges from -30C to 30C.
Temperate Deciduous Forest Other Precipitation distributed evenly throughout the year.
Temperate Rain Forest Precipitation 200-400cm/yr
Temperate Rain Forest Temperature Average ranges from 9C to 12C.
Temperate Rain Forest Other Located near the coast and are cooler than Tropical Rain Forests.
Tropical Rain Forest Precipitation 200-600cm/yr
Tropical Rain Forest Temperature Averages 25C; doesn't vary much between day and night.
Tropical Rain Forest Other Located near the equator; most biologically diverse places in the world.
Created by: ellie213