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Science:Chapter 21

Does bacteria need a Host? No
Does a virus need a host? Yes.
Does a parasite need a host? How? Yes. To feed.
What does a parasite do? It gets food from another organism
Is bacteria living or non-living? Living
Is a virus livinf or non-living? Non-living
Is a parasite living or non-living? Living
What are examples of diseases that are caused by bacteria? Strep throat, Sinus infection, Tuberculesis
What are some treatments for bacteria? antibiotocs
What are examples of diseases that are caused by viruses? Cold, Flu, HIV/AIDS
What are some treatments for viruses? rest and plenty of fluids or drug therapy.
What are examples of diseases that are caused by parasites? Malaria, Athletes foot, Elephantiasis.
What are some treatments for parasites? Drug treatments
What are pathogens? Organisms, viruses, or other microbes that causes disease
What are mutagens? Substances that cause a person's cells to mutate or change form. Examples- x-rays and cigarette smoke
Sunlight can cause _____________? Skin cancer
What is a vector? Transmit a pathogen from a host to a new organism. Example-a mosquito bites animal feed with malaria and then bites a person.
What is a carrier? An organism that passes diseases to others even though they might not feel sick. Example-A human with HIV can tranmit HIV virus to another human being even they do not show any symptoms
What is passes from one living thing to another? An infectious disease
How are infectious diseases transmitted? Coughing, Sneezing, Direct or indirect contact
What are 4 examples of infectious diseases? Mumps, Chicken Pox, STD's, Measles
When does an non-infectious disease usually developes? Due to a mutation in the DNA
What are 3 examples of non-infectious diseases? Cancer, Cysatic Fibrosis, MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
Created by: 15ellioa