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Greek week 3

Greek flashcards

Sclero hard
Cyto,cyte Cell
Agon struggle
-taxis response to stimulus
Xeno Strange, foreign
Pleur rib,side
Oo egg
Chrys Gold, yellow-green
Zymo ferment
Stell, -stle, stol send
Oto ear
Rhiz root
Myo muscle
scleroid having hard texture
cytoplasm protoplasm outside the nucleus of a cell
deuterogonist second most important character in Greek drama
thermotaxis movement in response to changing temperature
rheotaxis movement in response to a current of air or water
xenophobia extreme fear of foreign people or places
pleurectomy operation on the rib or side
oologist study of bird eggs
chrysanthemum flower cultivated for ornamental purposes
zymogenic enzyme causing fermentation
zymurgy fermentation process(brewing)
apostle a strong support of cause
otalgia ear ache
rhizotomy severing nerve roots to relieve pain
myocardiograph device used to trace movements of the heart muscle
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