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Patho - cancers

risk factors, s&s, screening, pronosis, prevention of cancers

Malignant Melanoma Risk Factors Skin type, Family history, UV exposure
Malignant Melanoma Screens and Confirmation Visual exam and biopsy
Malignant Melanoma S&S A: asymetrical B: borders (malignant ones are jagged) C: color (malignant ones have irregular color) D: diameter (malignant ones are normally larger than 6mm in diameter) E: elevated E: evolving (malignat will constantly change)
Malignant Melanoma Prognosis 5 yr. survival rate: 91%
Malignant Melanoma Prevention Avoid over exposure to UV rays
Bronchiogenic cancer Risk Factors Family history, Air quality
Bronchiogenic cancer Screens and Confirmation Chest x-ray and biopsy
Bronchiogenic cancer S%S Cough that develops and won't go away
Bronchiogenic cancer Prognosis 5 yr. survival rate: 16%
Bronchiogenic cancer Prevention Tests need to be more sensative and treatment options need to be improved.
Colorectal cancer Risk Factors Family history, diets high in saturated fats, inflammatory bowel diseases
Colorectal cancer Screens and Confirmation test for occult blood, colonoscopy (should start at 50 & be every 2 - 4 yrs, start at 30 if fam history). Biopsy.
Colorectal cancer S None. detectable blood in stoole, but not visible.
Colorectal cancer Prognosis 5 yr. survival rate: 65%
Colorectal cancer Prevention Encourage people to get regular exams.
Prostate cancer Risk Factors family history, age ~ before 50: rare, 50 - 70: risk increase gradually, over 70: risk increases rapidly.
Prostate cancer Screens and Confirmation DRE, PSA blood tests and biopsy.
Prostate cancer S Urine flow ~ hard time starting & emptying bladder, increase in frequency.
Prostate cancer Prognosis 5 yr. survival rate with early detection is over 99%.
Prostate cancer Prevention Regular exams.
Testicular cancer Risk Factors family history, puberty - mid 30's has higher risk, having mumps as a child, higher risk as adult
Testicular cancer Screens and Confirmation Physical exam and biopsy
Testicular cancer S lumps in testes
Testicular cancer Prognosis 5 yr. survival rate: 95%
Breast cancer Risk Factors family history, estrogen exposure over life time, structure of estrogen receptors
Breast cancer Screens and Confirmation Stage one - starts at 20 yrs - monthly self exam, clinical exam every 3 yrs. Stage two - starts at 40 yrs. - monthly self exam, annual clinical exam and mammograms.
Breast cancer S&S painless lump, dimpling of skin, discharge from nipple
Breast cancer Prognosis 5 yr. survival rate: 89% If caught early: 98%
Breast cancer Prevention early detection is key
Cervical cancer Risk Factors multiple sexual partners, unprotected sex
Cervical cancer Screens and Confirmation PAP smear and biopsy.
Cervical cancer S None. Only way to know is to have screen test done.
Cervical cancer Prognosis 5 yr. survival rate: 71% If caught early: over 90%
Created by: leberh02