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Paramedic Prep - 1

Paramedic Prep - lung sounds & advanced skills

Lung Sound: intermittent or brief; sounds like "popping" & more commonly heard on inspiration, though may be expiration too Crackles lung sounds
Lung Sound: lower pitch, sounds like snoring & is more continuous Rhonchi lung sounds
Trauma turnover report should include these 4 key things: M - mechanism I - injury (start c more serious) V - v/s (last set if unchanged) T - tx
Pulmonary Embolism (PE): lung sounds will be? clear
Skin signs on a CHF pt: pale & cool
Skin signs on a pneumonia pt: hot & flushed
Lung sounds on a CHF pt: Crackles (Rales), possibly wheezing and/or dimished
Lung sounds on a pneumonia pt: scattered crackles or rhonchi
CHF pt will have what in lower extremities? pedal edema
Pneumonia pt will have what? fever & cough or sputum brown, green or yellow in color
CHF pt may have what colored sputum? pink/frothy
COPD (emphysema) pt will have what lung sounds? wheezing and/or dimished
COPD (emphysema) pt will have what signs? barrel chest, chronic cough, on home O2, hx of smoking
Bronchitis pt will have what lung sounds? wheezing and/or crackles
Bronchitis pt will have s/s? recent respiratory tract infection, productive cough, poss hx of smoking
If the pt can catch their breath after exertion, is it pneumonia or CHF? pneumonia
If exertion makes the pt's breathing and condition worse, is it pneumonia or CHF? CHF
Abruptio - due from trauma - 2nd or 3rd trimester - EXCRUTIATING PAIN - small amt of blood - if Mom is bleeding out, baby prob dies
Placenta Previa - 2nd or 3rd trimester - NO PAIN - Large amt of blood - Mom needs c-section
Cushings Response - BP increases and widens - Pulse decreases - sporadic resp (cheynne stokes)
What does the pt's BP do in cardiac tamponade & tension pneumo? narrows
Orthostatic v/s confirm what type of prob? Interval hypovolemia (volume prob)
4 R's in OPQRST? - region - radiation - reoccurrence - relief
Pulse in ABC's - is pulse present? (if hypotension = get BP!) - if tachy or irreg = get EKG
Norm range for blood glucose? 75-120 or norm for that Pt
Norm range for ETCO2-Capnography 35-40
Which color do you place the peds pt's head on broselow tape? Red to the head
Which color do you reference when using the broselow tape? the color where the pt's heels lay
Synchronized cardioversion is used when? SVT pt
Synchronized cardioversion delivers the shock on which wave? "R" wave; pre-treat with versed, b/c it hurts like a bitch
When performing a 12-lead, where are leads V1 &V2 palced? 4th intercostal space
Which lead during a 12-lead, gives us our rythm and rate? Lead II
External pacing is used when? unstable bradycardic pt
For external pacing, set the rate at? 70
For external pacing, set the MA at? start goig until we get capture
What angle is IM administered at? 90 degrees
What angle is SC administered at? 45 degrees, into fatty tissue under skin
Endotracheal intubation goes into what? trachea
Combitube airway goes into what? esophagus
King airway does what? seals off upper pharynx
NG tube goes into what? stomach
When using a handheld nebulizer device, what do you set your O2 @ 6 lpm
When performing a needle t (thoracostomy), what size IV cath & where is it inserted? 14 ga., midclavicular between 2nd & 3rd intercostal space
What 3 things do we do in SD Co. for pre-hosp stroke scale? 1)it pt up right, have them close their eyes 2)have pt hold arms out, with palms up for 10 sec 3) have pt repeat: "The sky is blue in SD"
Where are stroke centers in North SD Co? Palomar & Tricity
What is the norm range when using pulse ox? 97; 94 for a smoker
When may we attempt re-allignment of Fx? - with + abnormality - only if obstruction of blood flow/circulation
When may we remove an impaled object? only if there is an airway obstruction
When needed to slow the pt's HR down, what 3 steps may be used? 1)Valsalva maneuver 2)adenosine 3)cardioversion
IO goes into what? bone marrow
Created by: Wisniewski