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Old Testament

What is a 'maxim' A Proverb
Def. Doxology Words of Glory
Def. Qoholoth The preacher
Def. Amos Burden
Def. etiology story of beginnings
Orientation Psalms have what quality? Well-being
Disorientation psalms have what quality? Lament
Reorientation psalms have what quality? Discovery
what is the largest type of psalms? Disorientation
Jonah is a minor, northern prophet from what period? Assyrian
Amos is an assyrian minor prophet in which kingdom> Northern
A babylonian minor prophet Lamentations
Persian minor prophet from the northern kingdom ezra
Nehemia (persian period) was a major or minor prophet from what kingdom? minor, northern
Southern kingdom, major prophet, assyrian period Isaiah
Micah was a minor prophet from what period and kingdom? assyrian, southern
Jeremiah, ezekial and daniel are major, southern kingdom prophets from which period? babylonian
ezekial is a babylonian period prophet. What kingdom? major or minor? Southern, major
Jeremiah is a major prophet from what kingdom and period? Southern, babylonian
Daniel is a southern kingdom, babylonian period prophet. Major or minor? Major
Nahum is a ___ kingdom, minor, ____ period prophet? southern, babylonian
Minor, southern kingdom, babylonian period prophet habakkuk
zepheniah was a ____ period, minor, southern kingdom prophet? babylonian
Zepheniah was a babylonian period, ____ kingdom, ____ prophet southern, minor
Persian period, minor prophet, southern kingdom prophet? Haggai, zechariah, joel, malachi
joel is a ____ kingdom, minor prophet? what period? southern, persian
Joel is a southern kingdom, ____ prophet from the persian period? minor
Haggai was a ____ kingdom, ____ prophet from the ____ period? southern, minor, persian
Zechariah was a southern kingdom, ____ prophet from the ____ period? minor, persian
Malachi was a _____ prophet from the ____ period and southern kingdom minor, persian
Malachi was a minor prophet from the ___ period and ____ kingdom persian, southern
def. theodicy questioning God's justice
Def. Aphorism A proverb
"Wisdom for successful living” is the theme of: Proverbs
1 & 2 Samuel are titled based on: Principle character
“Sow-reap” generally represents: Retribution Theology
“Declaration” is characteristic of: Forth-telling
Hebrew poetry is based on: Parallelism
The phrase, ”Yom Yahweh” refers to: Day of the Lord.
Psalm 137 may reflect: Jerusalem’s Fall
The Davidic Covenant promised: David’s line would be kings
Jereboam 1 established rival shrines at: Dan & Bethel
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