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OB section of test #6

what is PPROM? Preterm Premature Rupture Of Membranes <37wks gestation
although the cause of PPROM is unknown, what are the top 4 things normally associated with it? 1) infection, 2) prev hx PPROM 3)hydramnios, 4)multiple preg
nursing care for PPROM focuses on what? preventing infection by limiting vaginal exams and changing bedpans frequently
what does RDS stand for? Respiratory Distress Syndrome
what is prescribed for premature babies and how does it help reduce r/f RDS? betamethozone 12mg/day for 2days it helps produce surfactant to help reduce r/f RDS
its called preterm labor when pt is how far along? b/t 20 - 36wks gestation
do we check FFN before or after the cervical check? we check FFN - fetal fibro nectin, BEFORE cervical check
abruptio placentae that seperates at the edges with vaginal bleeding is what type? marginal abruptio placentae
abruptio placentae that seperates centrally with concealed bleeding is what type? Central abruptio placentae
abruptio placentae with total seperation and massive vaginal bleeding is what type? Complete abruptio placentae
abruptio placentae is normally indicated with mothers that.... are cocaine users, experienced trauma, have pre - eclampsia or are diabetic
what type of bleeding and condition is the mother typically in? there is severe painful dark bleeding with a firm and board like fundus
what are the nursing interventions for abruptio placentae? maintain 2 lg bore iv sites, assess fetal status and resting fetal tone q15min, measure abd girth hrly, and assess maternal cardiovascular status q15min, give O2 and deliver.
placenta previa; when the internal os is completly covered is called what? total placenta previa
placenta previa; the internal os is partially covered is called what? partial placenta previa
placenta previa; the edge of the os is covered is called what? marginal placenta previa
low lying placenta previa is when... the placenta is implanted in the lower segment in proximity to the os
why is placenta previa like a ninja? bc placenta previas onsetis quick and sneaky painLESS bleeding, the abd will be soft and pliable
what will the monitor look like for a prolapsed cord? variables with cord compression
what does late d cells mean? uteroplacental insufficiency
what does early d cells mean? normal head compression
what are some maternal implications for abruptio placentae? intrapardum hemmorrhage, DIC, hypo fibro genemia, ruptured uterus from over distention, fatal hemorrhagic shock
what are the implications of placenta previa? maternal psychologic stress, transverse lie common, changes in FHR, meconium staining, fetal hypoxia, c - section birth, neonatal anemia
nursing interventions for placenta previa include... INTERVENE B4 LABS! - lg bore iv, provide emotional support, administer O2
why would we check HGB, complete cell count, RBC with placenta previa? promote neonatal adaptation and looking for signs of enemia
how can you distinguish true from false labor? ROM, 8contr per hr or 4 in 20min, cervial changes, pain worsens with walking = true labor.
what is the correct weight in lbs for a normal preg vs multiples? normal want to gain b/t 20-35 lbs and w/multiples you want them to gain 40-45 lbs
identical twins vs fraturnal twins identical twins from 1 egg and sperm, genetically identical and same gender. fraturnal twins come from more than one egg and more than one sperm, genetically like any other siblings can be different genders
what are some maternal implications of hydramnios? SOB, edema, larger in size, too much fluid, uterine dysfunction, greatly increased csection rate and abruptio placentae
what are some fetal - neonatal implications of hydramnios? malformations, preterm birth, increased mortality rate, prolapsed cord, malpresentation
what are soem conditions commonly associated with hydramnios? diabetes, rh sensitization, malformations of fetal swallowing, neural tube defects with exposed meninges
what are some conditions associated with oligohydramnios? postmaturity, IUGR, and major renal malformations
whata re some implications of oligohydramnios? fetal deformations defects like adhesions and umbilical cord compression may need a warm fluid amnioinfushion during labor
unresolved hypertonic contractions may manifest what? a prolonged latent phase r/t ineffective cervial dilation
frothy sputum, fast HR and lg amount of vaginal bleeding = ... amniotic fld embolus
what are the characteristics of a HYPERtonic labor? increased contraction freq and uterine resting tone, decresed contraction intensity and prolonged latent phase
what are some implications of a HYPERtonic labor? increased discomfort and prolonged labor, maternal exhaution, dehydration, incresed r/f infection, late d cells
prolonged pressure on fetal head results in... excessive molding, caput succedaneum (fluid), and cephalhemtoma (blood)
what is the clinical therapy for a HYPERtonic labor? stadol (relaxes & reduces pain), oxytocin (strengthen & uniforms contractions, amniotomy (breaks water)
what are some causes of hypotonic labor? fetal macrosomia, multiple gestation, hydramnios, grand multiparity
what are some implications of hypotonic labor? prolonged labor, PP hemorrhage, nonreassuring fetal status
what is the clinical therapy for hypotonic labor? oxytocin infusion, nipple stimulation, amniotomy, iv flds
post term gestation is... 42 wks gestation
postdate gestation is... 40 - 42 wks gestation
what is the nursing plan for a hypotonic labor? assess bladder for distention and empty freq., assess for signs of infection, fetal tachy 160^ >= 10min
a baby in OP postion is... "sunny side up"
what can you expect to see with a OP labor? prolonged labor, extensive perineal laceration, back labor
what non medical interventions can we take for a malpresentation labor? pop lock and drop it like a mad cat!! and lunge = rotation from posterior to anterior
what clinical therapy is recommended for breech? external cephalic version PRIOR to labor 36 to 38 wks
fetal macrosomia= baby more than 4500g
what happens to the baby with shoulder dystocia? fetal shoulder dysplasia
top 2 interventions for a prolapsed umbillical cord? knee/chest trendelenburg position and cut pitocin
what will momma look like for amniotic fluid embolism? gray and gasping
what do you administer during external version and why? tocolytic to relax uterus bc we dont want contractions during!
a podalic version is... an internal version for when the 2ed twin needs to be turned during vaginal birth
how many times should the vaccum extracter be attempted b4 stopping and why? twice to prevent cephalhematoma
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