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DSCC ch45

immunization and communicable diseases

the nurse teaches parents that absolute contraindications for pediatric immunizations include? anaphylactic reaction to previous immunization
a pt just gets his 1st immunization for the flu vaccine. his lips begin to swell and he states "it feels like my throat is closing shut and my chest is tight when i breathe". the rn recognizes these signs as....? a life threatening reaction to the flu vaccine; signs of impending anaphylactic shock
at what ages can the HIB vaccine be given? ages 2,4,6 and the last b/t 12 to 15 months of age
when can the TIV vaccine be given to infants? yearly starting b/t 6mo to 3yrs
when is MMR given? in 2 doses; 1st at 12 to 15 months and 2ed b/t 4 to 6 yrs of age
when is the varicella or chicken pox vaccine given? in one dose at 12 to 18 months or anytime up to 12 years; and in two doses 4 to 8 weeks apart for those over the age of 13
what year is the cut off for having the MMR? anyone born AFTER 1957 - MUST have MMR!!
what is direct transmission? physical contact b/t the source of the infection and new host
what is indirect transmission? pathogens survive outside humans b4 causing infection
what is an antigen? foreign substance that triggers an immune response
what is an antibody? protein made by the body in response to an antigen
what is active immunity? give an example the body makes antibodies without presence of clinical disease. ex. tetanus vaccine
what is passive immunity? antibodies made by another human or animal and given to another person. it doesn't confer long term immunity
what is a killed virus vaccine? give example limited immune response vaccine, several doses are required. inactivated polio
give an example of a toxoid tetanus toxoid
what is a live or attenuated virus? give an example it is a wild virus in a lab but is weakened down for vaccine. ex. measles and varicella
give an example of a recombinant form vaccine hep B and pertussis
give an example of a conjugated form vaccine HIB
when giving vaccines what are the top 3 things to ask during assessment? 1)past reactions to vaccines, 2) pregnancy, 3) allergic to vaccine components such as eggs, neomycin, gelatin
we should make sure what 9 things are documented during immunizations? 1)date of administration, 2) name of vaccine given, 3) manufacturer, 4)lot number, 5)expiration date, 6) site and 7) route of administration, 8)name and title of nurse, 9)and any adverse reactions
the vaccine refrigerator should ALWAYS be at what temperature? 35 to 46 deg F or 2 to 8 deg C
what MUST always be kept in the refrigerator and why? jugs of water to maintain a consistent temp
how many times should the vaccine refrigerator be checked and how long should a log of the temperatures be kept? the temperature should be checked and recorded twice daily and kept on file for 3 yrs
how is the chickenpox transmitted? airborne and direct contact
how is hand, foot and mouth dx transmitted? fecal - oral and respiratory routes
whats another slang name for 5th dx and how is it transmitted? "slapped face" and through respiratory secretions and blood
what nursing interventions do we take for someone with rubella? isolation, esp from pregnant women, comfort measures
what is important to note about live virus vaccines? they can be taken together or you will have to wait 4 to 8 wks between.
live viruses are ALWAYS administered at which route? SubQ
the last dose of polio MUST be given AFTER which age? last dose is to be given after 4 yrs
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