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FNP~Pedi G & D


smiles & coos 2-5 months
babbles & combines vowel/consonant sounds (language) 6-9 months
takes simple action upon request 10-12 months
scribbles w/ large crayon 13-18 months
walks up/down stairs 19-24 months
watch's a person's face intently 2-5 months
turns to sound 6-9 months
purposefully says "Mama" or "Dada" 10-12 months
walks alone 13-18 months
jumps w/ both feet 19-24 months
follows people & objects w/ eyes 2-5 months
responds to name 6-9 months
sits independently and plays 10-12 months
feeds self w/ fingers~begins w/ spoon 13-18 months
simple puzzles~circle shapes first 19-24 months
laughs aloud 2-5 months
rolls over 6-9 months
pulls to standing/cruise furniture 10-12 months
4-10 word vocabulary 13-18 months
stacks 6-7 blocks 19-24 months
lifts head/chest when on stomach 2-5 months
sits independently 6-9 months
communicates by reaching/pointing 10-12 months
follows simple direction 13-18 months
2 word sentences 19-24 months
holds head steady when pulled to sit 2-5 months
transfers objects (hand to hand) 6-9 months
moves purposefully to get to desired object 10-12 months
coordinates use of both hands 13-18 months
30-50 word vocabulary 19-24 months
grasps rattle placed in hand 2-5 months
supports weight on feet 6-9 months
has increasing curiosity 10-12 months
responds to name 13-18 months
startles to loud noise 2-5 months
uses thumb/fingers to pick up objects (pincer grasp) 6-9 months
recognizes people 10-12 months
points to 2 pictures upon request 13-18 months
crawls 6-9 months
uses both hands equally well 10-12 months
long jabbering sentences 13-18 months
throw ball overhead 13-18 months
Created by: KimmiNP
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