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Homeric Greek Vocab3

gulf λαιτμα,λαιτματος(n)
(adv) homeward οικαδε
city π(τ)ολις,πτολιος(f)
(2nd Aor) i adressed, i spoke to (+acc) προσ-ειπον
i venerate,i revere,i respect αιδεομαι,αιδεσ(σ)ομαι,αιδεσσαμην
suppliants ἱκεται,ἱκεταων (m)
i approach, i come (+acc) ἱκνεομαι,ἱξομαι,ἱκομην
i come (by chance), i reach κιχανω,κιχησομαι,κιχον
pitiless, ruthless νηλ(ε)ης,-ες
(adv) where, in what direction ὁπ(π)ῃ
aegis-bearing αιγιοχος,-η,-ον
(adv) near,close (often +gen/dat) ασσον
i can, i am able (+inf) δυναμαι,δυνησομαι,δυνησαμην
Cyclops Κυκλωψ,Κυκλωπος (m)
(adv) close by, near σχεδον
steep,utter αιπυς,-εια,-υ
i seize μαρπτω,μαρψω,μαρψα
thigh μηρος,-ου (m)
end, boundary πειραρ,πειρατος(n)
Poseidon Ποσειδαων, Ποσειδαωνος(m)
human(used only of the flesh) ανδρομεος,-η,-ον
supper δορπον,-ου(n)
flesh,meat κρεα,κρεων ( (κρεας)
sword ξιφος,ξιφεος (n)
i prepare ὁπλιζω,-,ὁπλισσα
bone οστεον,-ου (n)
bright,glorious διος,-α,-ον
i seek out, i feel, i touch επι-μαιομαι,επι-μασσομαι,επι-μασσαμην
(adj) great hearted,great,daring μεγαλητωρ,μεγαλητορος
(adv) where ὁθι
sharp,keen οξυς,-εια,-υ
i groan, i lament (present system only) στεναχω
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