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Homeric Greek

Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns

truly, indeed, also, an untranslatable interrogative particle introducing a question η
i entreat, i beg λισσομαι,-,λισαμην
gift of hospitality, a present given by a host to a guest ξεινιον, -ου (neuter)
much, many πολυς,-,πολυ
(adv) within, inside /(prep +gen) inside of εντοσθεν
wood, forest ὑλη, -ης
deep βαθυς,-εια,υ
i drive ελαυνω, ελαω, ελασα
as many as, as great as, as much as ὁσσος,-η,-ον
so many, so great, so much τοσσος,-η,-ον
again, on the other hand αυτε
i put on, i put in position επι-τιθημι, επι-θησω, επι-θηκα
i see, i look at εισ-οραω, εισ-οψομαι, εισ-ιδον
bright, white λευκος,-η,-ον
due measure, portion, fate μοιρα,-ης (feminine)
way, path, course κελευθος,-ου(fem but frequently n. in plural)
(such)as, (of)what sort οιος,-η,-ον
(prep +gen/acc) over ὑπερ or ὑπειρ
town αστυ,αστεος (n)
return (home) νοστος,-ου (m)
sea, the deep ποντος,-ου (m)
(adv) thus, so (always with pitch mark) ὡς
ox, cow βους, βοος(m/f)(βουσι in dat. pl.)
daughter θυγατηρ, θυγατερος or θυγατρος(f)
i kill, i destroy, i lose (In pf. and mid.) i perish, i am lost ολλυμι,ολεσω,ολεσ(σ)α,ολωλα in 2nd aor mid: ολομην
but αταρ
i eat( present system only) εδω
i land upon, i go upon (+gen) επι-βαινω,επι-βησομαι,επι-βην,επι-βεβηκα
(adv) there,then ενθα
i give διδωμι,δωσω,δωκα
i send forth, i cast, i place ἱημι,ἡσω,ἡκα or ἑηκα
i put, i place, i cause τιθημι,θησω,θηκα
earth χθων, χθονος (f)
Created by: charlesdunlap4