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Cardiac hx

first intracardiac surgery knife commissurotomy by Charles Bailey in Philadelphia in 1948 (but Soutter did finger commissurotomy in 1925)
"who said can't repair heart wound, when" "Paget, 1896"
first repairs cardiac (extracardiac) "Gross 1938 PDA, then coarct"
who developed hypothermia Bigelow in 1945
name Lewis and Lillehei first contributions cardiac surgery used hypothermia to repair ASD in 1952
"who first developed CPB, year" Gibbon in 1953 in Phila
what was Gibbon's CPB first used for "repair of ASD…key was use of heparin, later he declared a moratorium"
when and who used cross circulation Lillehei (MN) 1954 for repair of VSD
James Hardy "Miss in 1964 did a heart tx from chimp, but heart was too small and lots of controversy"
Kantrowitz role in cardiac tx attempt cardiac tx w hypothermia using anencephalic baby in 1966 (after Hardy's chimp and before Barnard)
Kantrowitz role in VADs "1966 put in LVAD, pt lived for days (was before de Bakey put in LVAD in April of same year)"
story of Barnard cardiac tx "9/21/1967 did tx on Washansky, used KCl instead of waiting for heart to stop, lived 18d died of PNA misdx as rejxn"
Shumway's first transplant "1/6/1968, lived 15d"
Cooley's first transplant "5/2/1968, lived 8mo"
chronology of transplants "Barnard: 9/21/1967 then 1/2/1968, then Shumway 1/6/1968, then Cooley 5/2/1968"
Dick Lower "involved in cardiac tx dog expts w Shumway 1959, then 1968 accused of wrongful death and only Shumway cont'd tx in US"
Seldinger technique "use of guided wires/catheters, 1953 (Moniz first did similar in 1927 and given Nobel prize)"
who developed anastomotic technique "Carrel 1910, and even did an experimental CABG, won Nobel prize"
who first did an IMA CABG "Goetz 1960 did IMA to RCA using circumferential ligatures ""Rosenbach ring"""
what did Vineberg do LIMA into myocardium w/o anastomosis (then communications develop)
what did Kolesov do relative to CABG "CABG w suture, but concluded that surgery for CAD had no future"
who did first SVG CABG Sabiston in 1962
when and who first saved the subvalv apparatus Lillehei in 1964…but took longer
order of valve development "Starr caged in 1961 but signif thromboembol reqd high anti coag, also silastic ball replaced; 1970s Bjork Shiley w better hemo and incrsd CSA…then concave/convex but struts broke"
order of bioprosthet valve develop "formalin fixed but collagen breakdown, then gluteraldehyde"
% structural valve dz "in 80s 15-20% failed at 10yrs, faster in younger and not supposed to use in CRF or hyperCa"
DeBakey key contribution Dacron graft patch angioplasty for endarectomy 1958
who/when repaired first cardiac injury Rehn repaired stab wound RV 1896
who did finger commissurotomy v knife "Soutter did finger commissurotomy in 1925, knife commissurotomy by Bailey in 1948"
names some UCSF faculty in Cutting Remarks """Blazer"" Blaisdell for trauma, ""Death"" (Weisman, operated on relatives, not sure real name), Goldstone (vascular, wandering eye),pt w Zenker's diverticulum carried bottle of pickled oysters"
Created by: ehstephns
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