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Tean 7-1 Africa 1

What is the main religion in West Africa? Muslims
Which West Africa country has the largest population in Africa? Nigeria
Which West African country was the fist to become independent in 1957? Ghana
What is Sudan's main export? cotton
What religion do 50% of the people of Angola practice? Roman Catholic
What are South Africa's three largest ethnic groups? Zulu,Xhosa,Sotho
What country produces most of the world's vanilla beans? Madagascar
Why was the African National Conference formed in 1912? Because the Black People wanted to gain power from the British.
What country is thought to be the world's original home to coffee? Ethiopia
What is Botswana's biggest source of export income? diamonds
What is Nigeria's main mineral resource and export? oil
Second largest continent Africa
How many countries? There are 47 countries,(soon to be 48) (says 54 on other sources)
What type of continent is it? A plateau continent, high and dry,(especially in the center)
Largest desert in the world? Sahara
Third largest river in Africa? Niger River
What are the three large lakes near the Great Rift Valley Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Malawi
What is the second largest lake? Lake Victoria
What is the longest freshwater lake? Lake Tanganyika
What is the ninth largest lake? Lake Malawi
What is Africa's highest peak? Mt. Kilimanjaro
Burkina Faso is a __________ __________. landlocked country
What is Burkina Faso's capital? Cotonou
What is Burkina Faso's chief port and largest city? Cotonou
Burkina Faso is the ___________ country the world, so they get help from organization. poorest
What do fields in Burkina Faso have? stone barriers
What do people in Burkina Faso have to provide clean drinking water? deep wells
What is Cameroon called? "The hinge of Africa"
What is Cameroon's capital, and economic center? Yaounde
What makes up 1/3 of Cameroon's economy's output? farming
What are Cameroon's two main languages? French and English
It is one of the world's geographical countries, it covers 3 regions. Cameroon
World's leading cocoa producers. Cameroon
Cameroon is slightly larger than ___________. California
What is a major part of Cameroon's economy? (oil) off shore drilling
Cameroon has over _____________ ethnic groups. 200
Cote d'Ivoire's northern half consists of ____________. plateaus
What is Cote d'Ivoire's official capital? Yamoussoukro
Cote d'Ivoire is also a leading producer of ____________. cocoa
Cote d'Ivoire is one of the most ______________ countries in Africa. prosperous
Smallest country in Africa? Gambia
Gambia's capital? Bachuol
Senegal's capital is _____________? Dakar, one of their busiest and largest port in their economy, and was established by the French.
What is Senegal's main language, and religion? French, and Muslim (90%)
_____________ define Senegal's borders. Rivers
Senegal relies on? agriculture
Guinea is a ___________ and _____________ country. humid, tropical
What is Guinea's majority and minority religion? Majority is Muslim, minority is Catholic
What is Guinea's capital and major port? Conakry
What percent of Guinea's people don't have access to clean water? Half, 50%
What is the result of not having access to clean water, for people in Guinea? High mortality rate, so lots of babies dieing.
What country has over a million refugees in their country? Guinea
Sierra Leone has? 4 geographic regions
What is Sierra Leone's capital? Freetown, largest harbor in the world.
When was Freetown founded? 1787
What was Freetown used for? A region for freed slaves
What do Sierra Leone depend on? subsistence agriculture
What are Sierra Leone's major cash crops? coffee, cocoa, palm oil, and palm kernel
Which country had a 10 year civil war, that ended in 1999? Sierra Leone
What are mined in Sierra Leone? diamonds and iron
What are descendants of freed slaves called? Creoles
What country is slightly smaller than Maryland? Burundi
Burundi is ___________. mountainous
What is Burundi's capital? Bujumbura
Burundi is __________, ___________, and ______________ small,poor, and densely populated
Burundi depends on ________________. agriculture, growing crops
Burundi's official languages? French and Burundi
Burundi is made up of 2/3 ___________, and 1/3 _______________. Christians, made up beliefs
What country is a small landlocked country? Rwanda
What country is the most densely populated country in Africa? Rwanda
What is 90% of Rwanda's economy, and the other 10%? 90% subsistence farming, 10% agriculture
Rwanda's largest city and capital? Kigali
How do things go in Rwanda? Since many of their parents have died, the children take care of their families, and live on their own.
Rwanda have more than _________ of their population in poverty. half,1/2
What is Rwanda's majority and minority ethnic groups? Hutu majority, Tutsi minority
During Rwanda's civil war from 1990-1994, 800,000 _________ died and the _________ gained control of their government? Tutsi,Tutsi
What country lies on the "horn of Africa"? Somalia
Somalia has a ........... dry climate and is semi desert
What is Somalia's capital and major port? Mogadishu
What is Somalia's nation's language? Somali
How long was Somalia's civil war? 10 years
When was Somalia's drought, that killed 300,000 people, and sent people to Ethiopia? 1992, worst drought in Africa
Half of Somalia's population is _________. nomadic
Most of Somalia's people are ____________. Muslim
What country is twice the size of Nevada? Kenya
Kenya grows ________ __________, and millions of pounds are sold to Germany, France, and UK. French Beans
When did Kenya win their independence? 1933
Most Kenya's rely on agriculture, how many are farmers? 70%
What did French plantations have in Kenya? coffee and tea
What did native Kenyan's decide will happen after their independence? That they'll decide what is grown.
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