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67 - Wenham 32

Exercise B

Therefore, no one is able two masters to have. Ουδεις ουν δυναται δυο κυριους εχειν.
you will open [And] our mouths, O Lord... ανοιξεις δε τα στοματα ήμων, Κυριε...
...and every tongue will bless Thy great name. και πασα γλωσσα ευλογησει το μεγα ονομα σου.
Did you not sow good seed in the three fields? ουκ εσπειρας καλον σπερμα εν τοις τρισιν αγροις;
Do not carry anyone to the synagogue on the Sabbath. μη βασταζετε μηδενα εις την συναγωγην εν τώ σαββατώ.
you are able [But] to heal the colonel. δυνασαι δε θεραπευσαι τον χιλιαρχον.
I came [But] into this world for {εις } a great judgment. ήλθον δε εις τον κοσμον τουτον εις μεγαλην κρισιν.
one [And] of the lepers, when he saw that he was beintg healed... είς δε των λεπρων, ότε ειδεν ότι θεραπευεται...
...he threw himself at his feet. ...εβαλεν έαυτον παρα τους ποδας αυτου.
the [For] chief priests knew that this word , true was. οί γαρ αρχιερεις εγνωσαν ότι το ΄ρημα τουτο αληθες εστιν.
And all the disciples full of faith were and of the Holy Spirit... και παντες οί μαθηται πληρεις πιστεως ήσαν και του Άγιου Πνευματος,
...and they were healing the ill ones and casting out many demons. και εθεραπευον τους ασθενεις και εξεβαλλον πολλα δαιμονια.
None of the high priests believes that a resurrection there is. ουδεις των ίερεων πιστευει ότι αναστασις εστιν.
My friends built a great house in this city. οί φιλοι μου ώκοδομησαν μεγαν οικον εν τή πολει ταυτή.
My judgment is true... ή κρισις μου αληθης εστιν...
...let no one love the darkness. μηδεις φιλειτω το σκοτος.
When they came to the 6 villages... ότε ηλθον εις τασ έξ κωμας ...
...they proclaimed the gospel to all the Gentiles who dwelt in them. εκηρυξαν το ευαγγελιον πασιν τοις εξνεσιν οί κατωκουν εν αυταις.
When the disciples of John heard that he had died on that day... ότε οί μαθηται του Ιωανου ηκουσαν ότι απεθανεν εν εκεινή τή ήμερά,
...they came and took away his body. ηλθον και ηραν το σωμα αυτου.
we have [But] only two loaves and five fish. εχομεν δε μονον δυο αρτους και πεντε ιχθυας.
And he went out by night to the house of Judas, one of the twelve. και εξηλθεν νυκτος προς τον οικον Ιουδα, ένος των δωδεκα.
a hundred [And] men with their wives will remain... έκατον δε ανδρες συν ταις γυναιξιν αυτων μενουσιν... the great desert 40 days and 40 nights. εν τή μεγαλή ερημώ τεσσαρακοντα ήμερας και τεσσαρακοντα νυκτας.
The tribune and a thousand men used to dwell in the three cities. ό χιλιαρχος και χιλιοι ανδρες κατωκουν εν ταις τρισιν πολεσιν.
No one is able, two masters, to follow. ουδεις δυναται δυσιν κυριοις ακολουθειν.
Created by: Koine Greek



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