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Pharm ATI review

Cephalosporins =cef, ceph antibiotic S/E urticara, rash, hypotension, dyspnea= report to DR. and observe for diarrhea caution if given w/ meds that promote bleeding no alcohol, monitior I&O, complete prescribed dose, take w/ food
penicillin =cillin antibiotic S/Erash, itching, or hives= REPORT take w/ full glass of water 1 hr before or 2 hours after meals, decreases effects of oral contraceptives don't mix with aminoglycosides
aminoglycoside =micin, mycin antibiotic S/E ototoxicity(hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, nausea,) nephrotoxicity(monitor I&O,BUN,creatine levels,)rash, pruritus, paresthesia(hand,feet)urticara, report decrease in urine streptomycin=neurologic disorder, optic nerve dysfunction
sulfonamides, trimethoprim (TMP-SMZ)bactrim S/E photosensitivity, crystalluria, *sore throat, *blood dyscrasis take on empty stomach drink LOTS of water do not use if preg, allergy to sulfur, thiazide and loop diuretics, oral hypoglycemics, increases effects of warfarin, phenytonin, oral hypo
antimycobacterial (antiTB) isoniazid (INH) ethambutol pyrazinamide antibiotic S/E tingling, numbness, burning, pain (peripheral neuropathy) anorexia, malaise, fatigue, nausea, yellowish skin take on empty stomach 1 hr b4 or 2hr after meal avoid phenytonin it can cause ataxia if mix
antiprotozoals metronidazole (flagyl) S/E GI discomfort(metallic taste, N, V, dry mouth) dark urine, CNS symptoms (ataxia, seizures, numbness of extremities) avoid during 1st trim of preg, metronidazole inhibits inactivation of warfarin
Created by: kabrima