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Hy - Anatomy

Hy - Anatomy - Mixed Topics - One-Liners

Level where ascending aorta is continuous with arch of aorta TV4-5
Level where arch of aorta is continuous with descending aorta TV4-5
Effect of sympathetic nerves on lungs Bronchodilation, Vasoconstriction
Effect of parasympathetic nerves on lungs Bronchoconstriction, Vasodilation
Rationale for aspirated small objects to go to right primary bronchus Wider diameter, shorter and more vertical
Needle location for therapeutic pleural tapping Superior to 12th rib, posteriorly
Name given to portion of right ventricle prior to beginning of pulmonary trunk conus arteriosum or infundibulum
Name given to orientation where uterus and vagina intersect at angle of 90 degrees Anteversion
Name given to orientation where uterine body and cervix intersect at angle of 10-15 degrees Anteflexion
Ridge located between sinus venarum and right ventricle Cristae terminalis
Nerve at risk when performing thyroidectomy Both left and right recurrent laryngeal nerves
Specific muscle that holds patella in place Vastus medialis
First portion of quadriceps femoris to atrophy with injury to femoral nerve Vastus medialis
Last portion of quadriceps femoris to recover following injury Vastus medialis
Innervation to nail bed of middle finger Median nerve
Innervation to nail bed of ring finger Ulnar and median
Spinal nerve affected with herniated disc at L3/L4 L4
Created by: HY90X