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GI Drugs - FA & DIT

Rx for Acites THiazide + loop diuretic, paracentesis
Hepatic Encephalopathy Rx Lactulose
Rx for liver failure (cirhosis) B-blocker, diuretics (thiazides, loops), vit K, lactulose (encephalopathy)
Rx Crohn's disease Corticosteroids, infliximab
R ulcerative colitis sulfasalazine, infliximab
esophageal varices Rx B-blocker (propranolol)
Wilson's disease (sx & rx) Rx: penicillamine Ataxia, Basal ganglia degeneration (parkinson sx), Corneal depositis (kayser-fleischer rings), Demenitia, hemolytic anemia
Antacids that 1. cause diarrhea, 2. cause constipation. 3. cause rebound hypercalcemia. 4. hypokalemia 1. Magnesium Hydroxide (diarrhea), Aluminum Hydroxide (constipation). 3. Calcium Carbonate (hypercalcemia). 4. Hypokalemia (all)
MOA of proton pump inhibitors & 2 common Irreversibly inhibit H+/K+ ATPase in stomach parietal cells. Omeprazole & lansoprazole
Cimetidine MOA & SE "DINE"= H2 blocker. for peptic ulcer, gastritis, mild esophageal reflux. P-450 inhibitor & gynecomastia, can cross BB barier (headaches, dizzy, confusion)
Bismuth, sucralfate binds ulcer base to protect. for ulcers, traveler's diarrhea & H.P
Misoprostol - MOA & use Prostoglandin analog --> Increase production & secretion of gastric mucous barrier, decrease acid. Use: prevent NSAID-induced peptic ulcers. Maintain patent ductus arteriosus. Induce labor
Infliximab - MOA & use & SE MOA: andibody to TNF Crohn's disease, RA SE: respiratory infection, fever, hypotension
Sulfasalazine - use Activated by colonic bacteria (only works on colon & terminal illeus. antibacterial & anti-infamatory use: UC & chohn's
Ondansetron - MOA & use 5-HT antagonist. Prevents vomiting SE: headache
metoclopramide - MOA, use, SE D2 receptor antagonist --> increased resting tone, motility, LES tone & contractility use: post-surgery gastroparesis SE: parkinsonian & decrease seizure threshold
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