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Japanese Vocab 10

fall aki
doctor (o)isha
station eki
rich person okanemochi
face kao
season kisetsu
credit card kurejittoka-do
this year kotoshi
soccer sakka-
shirt shatsu
life; living seikatsu
world sekai
subway chikatetsu
gloves tebukuro
barber's tokoya
spring haru
pants pantsu
beauty parlor biyooin
flight bin
ship; boat fune
baseball yakyuu
celebrity yuumeijin
reservation yoyaku
next semester raigakki
apple ringo
warm atatakai
slow; late osoi
cool (weather-not things) suzushii
cold (thing/people) tsumetai
sleepy nemui
easy; simple kantan(na)
to take (amount of time/money) -no particle- kakaru
to stay (at a hotel, etc.) (~ni) tomaru
to become naru
to pay harau
to decide kimeru
to practice renshuusuru
on foot aruite
best ichiban
or ~ka~
for...months ~kagetsu
by (means of transportation); with (a tool) ~de
how; by what means dooyatte
which dochira
which docchi
how much; how long donogurai
...years ~nen
(do something) early; fast hayaku
Created by: jillkatsam