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Cancer drugs dit

DIT cancer drugs

Forms a complex between topoisomerase II & DNA etoposide (Inhibits topoisomerase II)
Alkylates DNA, toxicity - pulmonary fibrosis, hyperpigmentation Busalfan
Fragments DNA. tox=pulmonary fibrosis, skin changes bleomycin (MOA: induces free radicals- breaks DNA strands)
blocks purine synthesis, metabolized by xanthine oxidase 6-mercaptopurine
cross-links DNA, nephrotoxic, ototoxic Cisplatin & carboplatin
nitrogen mustard, alkylates DNA cyclophosphamide
folic acid analog that inhibits dihydrofolate reductase methotrexate
prevents microtubule disassembly (stabilizes) Paclitaxol
intercalculates DNA, produces oxygen free radicals, cardiotoxic doxorubicen & daunorubicin
DNA alkylating agents used in brain cancer nitrosoureas (carmustine, lomustinem, semustine, streptozocin)
Prevents microtubule assembly Vincritine & Vinblastine
Inhibits thymidylate synthase--> decreased nucleotide synthesis 5-fluorouacil
SERM - blocks estrogen binding on ER (+) cells tamoxifen, raloxifene
MOA similar to antiviral acyclovir & foscarnet cytarabine (MOA: inhibits DNA polymerase)
MOA similar to fluoroquinolones Etoposide (MOA: inhibits tomoisomerase II)
MOA similar to trimethoprim Methotrexate - folic acid analog that inhibits dihydrofolate reductase
monoclonal antibody against HER-2 (erb-B2) Trastuzumab
free radical induced DNA strand breakage Bleomycin, Doxorubicin, Daunorubicin
inhibitor of PRPP synthetase 6-mercaptopurine
reversible with leucovorin methotrexate (reverses myelosuppression)
treatment for choriocarcinoma methotrexate
treatment for testicular cancer Etoposide-teniposide, bleomycin, cysplatin ("eradicate ball cancer")
applied topically for AKs & basal cell cancer 5-fluorouracil
treatment for childhood tumors (Ewing's, wilm's, rhabdomyosarcoma) dACTinomycin. MOA: intercalculates DNA
inhibits ribonucleotide reductase hydroxyurea
SE of hemorrhagic cystitis cyclophosphamide
antibody against philadelphia chromosome Imatinib
Side effects of prednisone Cushing-like symptoms, immunosuppression,k cataracts, acne, HTN, osteoporosis, insomnia, psychosis, peptic ulcers
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