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Crispin Vocab. 21-38

Nash-Crispin Vocab. Test Chap. 21-38

very exact; paying close attention to details punctilious
pleased greatly; charmed or greatly interested beguiled
disturbed, annoyed, or troubled vexed
changed in some way altered
having a high opinion of oneself; conceited vain
spending time in an idle way; lingering/hanging around loitering
to make calm; to soothe or settle mollify
repeated over and over; considered boring monotony
skill in the use of the hands or body dexterity
great dislike or wishing to do harm malevolence
well known; usually for something bad notorious
too humble; acting like a slave servile
full of fear; very timid or afraid timorous
loud steady noise; confusing uproar din
worthless matter such as trash or waste refuse
showing no shame; very bold behavior brazenly
that which can be imagined; or thought of as understandable conceivable
stick out or project forth protruded
ecorated with bright colors, especially in a rich or showy way emblazoned
uniform dress of servants or those working for another livery
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