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Semester 1 Exam

Huck Finn and other

noun person, place, or thing (blank)
adjective describes a noun (blank)
verb action (blank)
adverb describes a verb (blank)
pronoun replaces a noun (blank)
Edgar Allen Poe wrote the Cask of Amontillado (blank)
Mme. Loisel lost the necklace (blank)
The Necklace Guy de Mauppasant (blank)
Rainsford famous hunter (blank)
Huck Finn Narrates the story; friends with Jim (blank)
Tom Sawyer Huck's very imaginative friend; likes to do things the hard way (blank)
Buck Grangerford becomes Hucks friend; part of a 30 year fued (blank)
Miss Watson Widow Douglas's sister;cranky, wanted to "sivilize" Huck (blank)
Silas Phelps Tom's uncle `
pig what he killed to fake his death (blank)
200 dollars reward for Jim (blank)
Emmeline Grangerford obsessed with death (blank)
1885 year Huck Finn was published (blank)
Samuel Langhorn Clemens Mark Twain (blank)
Vernacular writing the way someone speaks (blank)
hairy chest and arms sign of being rich (blank)
Widow Douglas Hucks gaurdian (blank)
jim run away slave (blank)
Duke phony william wilks (blank)
Boggs killed by Sherburne (blank)
King first son of louis XIV (blank)
Walter Scott Wrecked steamboat (blank)
Social commentary criticizing government through story (blank)
Angel of Death who drunk pap thinks Huck is (blank)
snakeskin touching it gives one bad luck (blank)
Jacksons island where Huck and Jim escape to (blank)
Mississippi River journey takes place on this river (blank)
nothing what Jim and Huck where mostly on the raft (blank)
Civil War similar to G/S fued (blank)
Harney Shepardson A shepardson (blank)
Mary Ann Hucks love interest (blank)
Judge Thatcher kept money for Huck (blank)
Aunt Sally Toms Aunt (blank)
Jim Turner guy they wanted to leave for dead in the boat (blank)
George Jaxson Huck Finn (blank)
Created by: canns