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Character and Social Traits Part IV-Italian Vocab

pure puro
quarrelsome litigioso
quiet quieto
rational razionale
realistic realista
reasonable ragionevole
rebellious ribelle
reckless temerario
refined raffinato
reserved riservato
rich ricco
romantic romantico
rough rozzo
rude rude
ruthless spietato
sad triste
sarcastic sarcastico
satisfied soddisfatto
scoundrel briccone
seductive seducente
self-confident sicuro
self-sufficient autosufficiente
sensible sensato
sensitive sensibile
sentimental sentimentale
serene sereno
serious serio
severe severo
show-off sfarzoso
shrewd perspicace
shy timido
silly sciocco
simple semplice
sloppy disorganizzato
snobbish altezzoso
strong forte
stubborn testardo
stupid stupido
stuttering balbuziente
sullen cupo
superstitious superstizioso
sweet dolce
tender tenero
tired stanco
tough duro
toughness durezza
traditional tradizionale
tranquil tranquillo
Created by: Marshlord