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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Italian House Vocab Household objects in Italian. Italian 2020-09-04 Marshlord 25 1 edit
Spanish-el baño Spanish-el baño Spanish 2010-06-18 Marshlord 12 0 edit
Italian--Going Out Italian Vocab List Italian 2011-02-08 Marshlord 31 0 edit
Italian-History Italian-History Italian 2019-06-27 Marshlord 41 1 edit
Meals, Eating, Drink Meals, Eating, Drinking, Preparations, and Menus Italian 2011-02-15 Marshlord 55 0 edit
Pastas, Soups, Rice Italian Vocab--Pastas, Soups, and Rice Italian 2011-02-17 Marshlord 15 0 edit
Bread, Grain, etc. Bread, Grain, Pastries, And Sweets--Italian Vocab Unfinished 2011-02-22 Marshlord 19 0 edit
Meat And Poultry--It Meat And Poultry-Italian Vocab Italian 2011-02-24 Marshlord 14 0 edit
Fish, Seafood,etc. Fish, Seafood, and Shellfish-Italian Vocab Italian 2011-03-01 Marshlord 1 0 edit
03.01.11 Itvocab Italian Vocab 03.01.11 Italian 2011-03-01 Marshlord 20 0 edit
03.03.11-Vegetables Vegetables and Greens-Italian Vocab Italian 2011-03-03 Marshlord 29 0 edit
Fruits and Nuts Italian Vocab-Fruits and Nuts Italian 2011-03-08 Marshlord 29 0 edit
Dairy Products, Eggs Dairy Products, Eggs, and Related Foods Italian 2011-03-10 Marshlord 10 0 edit
Spices and Condiment Italian Vocab-Spices and Condiments Unfinished 2011-03-15 Marshlord 18 0 edit
Drinks and Beverages Drinks and Beverages-Italian Voc Italian 2011-03-17 Marshlord 23 0 edit
At The Table-Italian Italian Vocab-At The Table Italian 2011-03-29 Marshlord 17 0 edit
Dining Out Italian Vocab-Dining Out Italian 2011-03-31 Marshlord 18 0 edit
Buying Food And Drin Buying Food And Drink-Italian Vocab Italian 2016-04-27 Marshlord 16 0 edit
Related Vocabulary Italian Food-Related Vocabulary Unfinished 2011-04-07 Marshlord 14 0 edit
Character and Social Character And Social Traits-Italian Vocab-Part I Italian 2011-04-08 Marshlord 58 0 edit
CharacterandSocial2 Italian Vocab-Character and Social Traits Pt. II Unfinished 2011-04-12 Marshlord 46 0 edit
CharacterandSocial3 Character and Social Traits-Part III Italian 2011-04-15 Marshlord 48 0 edit
Characterandsocial4 Character and Social Traits Part IV-Italian Vocab Italian 2011-04-19 Marshlord 48 0 edit
Characterandsocial5 Character And Social Traits-Part 5-Italian Vocab Italian 2011-04-21 Marshlord 16 0 edit
Expressions-Italian Expressions-Italian Vocab Italian 2011-04-22 Marshlord 23 0 edit
Mammals+General Anim Mammals and Animals in General Italian 2011-04-25 Marshlord 28 0 edit
Mammals2 Mammals and Animals in General Part II--Italian Vocab Italian 2011-04-26 Marshlord 49 0 edit
Mammals+Animals3 Mammals And Animals in General, Part 3--Italian Vocab Italian 2011-04-28 Marshlord 30 0 edit
Birds And Fowl1 Birds And Fowl-Part 1-Italian Vocab Italian 2011-04-29 Marshlord 29 0 edit
Music I Italian Music Vocab-6/28/11 Italian 2011-06-28 Marshlord 23 0 edit
Visual Arts Visual Arts, Sculpture, Architecture, and Photography--Italian Vocab Italian 2012-04-19 Marshlord 41 0 edit
The Political World Political Vocab--Italian Italian 2012-04-20 Marshlord 52 0 edit

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