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adv.'s, adj.'s, prep

beginner pack, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions (misc. small, useful words)

abbastanza enough, fairly,quite, rather
alcuni/e a few, some
ancora again
ancora di più some more
ancora di tempo a little longer
ancora una volta once more, once again
ancora un po' a little more
anziché instead of
a posto in place, tidy
appena hardly, scarcely, as soon as
c'è there is
che (cosa)? what?
chi? who?
ci sono there are
come? how?
comunque however, no matter how, in any case
cui whom, which
di of
dopo after
dove? where?
fa ago
forse maybe, perhaps
gia already
intanto meanwhile
invece instead
mai never
meno less
meno di not as much
mentre while
neanche not even, neither, either
neppure neither, either
ogni every
però but, however
per for
perché because
perché? why?
poi finally \ Then
proprio one's own, exact, correct, characteristic of
quale? which?
quando? when?
quanto? how many, how much?
quasi almost, nearly
qui here
quindi therefore, so
salvo che unless
se if
senza without
si itself, him/herself, etc.
solito usual, (di~) usually
solo only
spesso often
stesso same
verso toward, [time] around
vicino nearby / neighbours
Created by: maxapples
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